With the proliferation of smartphones and and more and more DSLR cameras with video recording functions many a question has been asked why do I need a camcorder? The reason is that these devices do not do a good enough job. If you had saved for an expensive 3 week vacation to Europe taking in sights of the Swiss alps, Eiffel Tower and the Vatican, do you want to save these precious memories on low resolution videos on your smartphone or tablet?

I guess you get the picture. Full size camcorders capture videos that are clear, sharp and in focus. Most if not all of today’s camcorders record in high definition. The colors are rich, even in low light and downcast conditions. The higher end models take good quality stills too.

Trying to zoom smoothly using a smartphone or DLSR is difficult and almost impossible, whereas the optical zoom on a camcorder, which usually ranges from 10x to 50x, is smooth, gradual and even. And of course, optical zoom blows the digital zoom you find on smartphones out of the water.

Also most camcorders have swiveling LCD screens that swing out from the body which can be tilted. This makes it easier to take videos from more angles and is easier to compose. The higher end models like the Canon HF G20 and Sony HDR-PJ650V come with viewfinders too.

Sony HDR-PJ790V
Sony HDR-PJ790V

In addition some full-size camcorders have unique features. For instance, the Sony HDR-PJ790V includes a tiny projector, the top end Sony HDR-TD30V comes with two lenses for 3D video capability. The latest ones even come with Wi-Fi features for convenient and quick upload to YouTube or your computer or instant sharing with friends on their tablets other mobile devices.

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