Stephen King’s limited series adaption to The Outsiders premiered on HBO on 12th January 2019. Frankie Peterson, a young boy is murdered and the first episode follows the investigation process of the same. Two gruesome episodes were released which raised a gazillion questions in the mind of the audience, giving the murder mystery a mind-bending turn. If you have missed out on the first episode called ‘Fish in a Barrel” and the second episode titled “Roanoke” then, here is the complete written update.

Also, check out the spoilers for the upcoming episode.

The Outsider Miniseries- Episode 1 Written Update- Terry is Found Guilty

In the premiere episode of the miniseries on HBO, titled “Fish in a Barrel”, Terry Maitland gets arrested by detective Ralph Anderson and his officers. A broad search warrant against Terry has been released by Bill Samuels who is convinced of him being guilty. On the other hand, there are overwhelming pieces of evidence as Ralph interviews people.

Mary Mason a teacher recalls that she saw Frankie talking to Terry who was riding a white van. Also, the man who found the dead body of Frankie Peterson in the woods had identified a white van like this. So the woman saw Frankie ride with Terry as he had put his bike in the back of the van as its chain was broken. June, a young girl confessed that she says Terry with blood on his face emerging from the woods. And he further went to clean up at The Peach Crease, a strip cub as told to Ralph by an ex-con.

The Outsider on HBO- Howie Gold Proves Terry Innocent

Howie Gold, Terry’s lawyer arrives at his rescue. Terry explains that at the time of the murder he was out of town, attending a conference in Atlanta. His story was supported by fellow teachers. Howie’s further investigation leads him to the Babcock hotel from where he retrieved footage of the conference from the public access coverage showing Terry’s presence at the conference at the time of the murder. Howie shows the footage, Ralph and Bill.

With both the detective and Terry’s lawyer trying to collect evidence, Terry is still held in the system, even after the withdrawal of charges. Following this, Terry is seen threatened by his fellow prisoners as they come to know that he is being charged for murder.

The Outsider Episode 1 Recap- Ralph and Jeannie Grieves

Ralph and Jeannie, his wife visit their son’s grave. Derek, who was on the Little League team of Terry had died of cancer. On the other hand, Frankie’s mother, Joy Peterson, has a breakdown. She even brings a baseball bat during dinner. But as her husband, Fred and son Ollie tries to cool her down, she suffers a serious heart attack.

Also, Jessa, Terry’s daughter sees an invisible man, who she claims to have asked her to do bad things.

The Outsider Episode 2- “Roanoke” Written Update

In the next episode, Terry meets Ralph where the latter expresses his uncertainty of getting hi arrested. Later in the courthouse, Ollie Peterson starts firing and gets killed by Ralph. Now Fred Peterson, who is the sole member of the family, attempts to commit suicide. Also, there is a new entry of a hot-headed detective as Ralph goes on administrative leave in the light of the shooting. Jack Hoskins, is thus called to fill in to continue the case.

A lot of other new facts come into light as the story moves ahead.

The Outsiders Episode 3 Spoilers

Now that we know Terry Maitland is dead, the guilt of it weighs heavy on Ralph Anderson. Although he had actually believed that Terry was the one to kill Frankie Peterson but Terry had stuck to his innocence by providing credible proof for it loosened his case. Meanwhile, the rest of the Peterson family has succumbed to making things even murkier for Ralph.

We saw the second episode ends with a man discovering the clothes that Terry was supposed to have change into at the strip club. So in the third episode, it is likely that we can expect the cops to catch up him with that. As was seen in the trailer, the place will be crowded with police officers.

Now there exists the question that could it be that the young man who deduced something fishy with these clothes and he alerted the cops? Or worse, could it be that the hooded man came back to clean after himself.

Another character, Holly Gibney could enter the picture in the next episode. She may view the case from a new perspective ultimately leading to the explanation of all the unexplained stuff. However, we are not so sure that Ralph will like what she has to say.

Wrapping Up!

‘The Outsider’ Episode 3 is all set to air on January 19 at 9 pm ET. So make sure you do not miss out on how the mystery gets solved.

Till then we will keep you updated with more episodes.





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