During the existence of gambling, quite many books on this topic have appeared. They are different: some describe the rules of the most popular games, others teach how to build winning tactics and strategies, and others tell interesting stories related to gambling. So, each player can find something according to his preferences. We have selected multi-genre books that describe gambling from different points of view. Let’s take a look at them.

Top 1000 Secrets of Casino Gambling by Bill Barton

American journalist Bill Burton is constantly at the center of attention. He has been writing analytical materials for specialized gambling publications for a long time. In the book “1000 Best Secrets of Casino Gambling”, he shared his knowledge and experience accumulated over the years. The author reveals thousands of useful gambling secrets related to gambling games and casinos like Luckmillionaire.com. He gives uncommon advice, shares winning strategies and even the psychology of casino owners and marketers.

Beat the Dealer by Edward Thorp

This is the guideline for many blackjack players. Despite the fact that this book saw the world more than 50 years ago, it does not lose its relevance. The author reveals the secrets of mathematical calculation, programming, and probability theory. Edward Thorp is convinced that by mastering the simplest skills, you can gain an advantage and increase your chances of winning several times. If you train them regularly in practice, you can become a successful professional player.

Tavern Three Monkeys by Juan Bass

This is a collection of short stories by Juan Bass. There are mystical, fantastic, detective, erotic, and other novels. The only thing that unites them is poker. The author compares the rules of the game with the rules of life. His idea is that they have much more in common. Juan Bass pays special attention to bluffing, both in the game and in life. You don’t have to be a gambler to be interested in this book.

Money Management for Players by John Patrick

In most cases, casino games are cash games. In order to have fun in a gambling establishment, you need to be able to properly manage your money. John Patrick’s book teaches every gambler financial literacy. The author gives clear advice on how to properly allocate money for bets, how to minimize risks and losses, how to save and increase your winnings, and when to stop.

Casino Royale, Ian Fleming

Casino Royale is the book that started the story of the famous James Bond. The first novel about Agent 007 was written by English writer Ian Fleming, inspired by the time he spent at the Portuguese casino Estoril. This institution is known for being a meeting place for European spies during World War II. In the story, a Soviet spy Le Cipher loses a large sum of money at the Royal Casino. British intelligence agencies are given the task to take part in the tournament and defeat Le Cifre.

Gambling books help if you use the knowledge you gain appropriately. The main thing to remember is that gambling must be treated responsibly.

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