The global pandemic has crippled the economy and forced millions of people into the unemployment line, while others have seen their work environment shift from a conference room to a living room. Working remotely is fine for those who still have a job but for others, getting a side hustle has become tantamount to surviving.

Below we will discuss five tips for working at home, including the most important, what field is the best fit for you? Once you have established how you will make money from home, the rest is easy. So, let’s maximize your efficiency and chart a path for making money outside the corporate office and in the comfort of your own home.

1. What to Do? – If you are fortunate to be employed by a company that has been able to retain you during the pandemic then good for you! You are one of the lucky ones and one of the few who can weather the financial storm better than most.

However, many are seeking a weekly paycheck that they can count on, and figuring out where they fit and what they can do to earn a living wage is the toughest part. All you need is a telephone, a laptop, and an internet connection and you’re in business.

Appointment setters are in constant demand and if you have the gift of gab then this could be a career waiting to happen.

Set up an online store and sell something of interest or a product that has a niche in the market. Much of this is passive sales so it is simply a case of setting up your own website, which can be done at little cost if you do it yourself. The next step is to get the word out via social media and soon the referrals will come if your product is worthy.

One such item being sold is an arbitrage betting calculator that makes the math easy for those recreational and professional sports bettors who indulge in betting both sides of the same game but at advantageous money lines.

Teaching online classes in something that you know is also an excellent way to earn an income. Maybe you speak another language or are a yoga expert, put those skills to good use and do it sooner than later!

2. Maintain Work Hours – The most challenging part of working at home can be having the discipline to treat it like an office job. You can easily see how people will drift off into surfing the net or watching television instead of adhering to strict hours so they can be effective in doing their remote job. If it’s 9 to 5 you want then don’t deviate. Set a schedule you can stick to and one that will complement your lifestyle.

3. Your Office, Your Space – If you live with anyone, whether it be a roommate, spouse, or family members make sure to set the ground rules. You wouldn’t expect them to arbitrarily show up at your office so why would they intrude on your designated office area at home? If they want to see you, have them schedule an appointment but if it’s more pressing, make sure they learn to text you before barging into your space. Seeing anyone from within the household during work hours must be on your terms.

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4. Get Out of the Office – It’s never a good thing to be cooped up all day in a cubicle, office or even the comfort of your own bedroom. Wherever you decide to set up your remote office, make sure you leave it for at least a half-hour each day. Have lunch in your kitchen, dining area, or at a park bench but make sure to stretch, move, and get away from your personal computer. It’s the healthy thing to do!

5. Get Another Phone Number – It is important to delineate between your personal and professional lives. The two worlds shall not collide and to that end, getting a separate phone number for your business is one of the wisest moves you can make. There is nothing worse than being on your own time and having an unrecognized phone number pop up and the voice on the other end wants to talk about a product or service you offer while you are spending time with your friends or loved ones. Leave your work number at your desk and enjoy your personal life without interruption!

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