Are you a passionate gamer with a taste for travelling the world? Combine your both interests by visiting one of the below destinations. 

Are you a gambling enthusiast planning your next vacation? How about picking a holiday destination that allows you to play casino games? If you’re feeling lucky, you may want to take your chances on the type of excitement that a roulette spin brings, then visiting one of the most popular gambling destinations should be in the cards for you. Some amazing places around the world offer thrilling gambling action, fun nightlife, flashing lights, and access to casino resorts.

The destinations we included in this article offer plenty of gambling opportunities and access to all kinds of games. You can do a plethora of things inside and outside the casino resorts, which may be essential if you travel with a partner who doesn’t share your interest in playing high stake games.

Monte Carlo

If you plan to visit Europe during your vacation, make a stop in Monte Carlo, and you’ll have a gambling experience similar to James Bond. Monte Carlo is a luxury tourist destination because it hosts premium gambling resorts. Don’t be surprised to meet celebrities playing casino games when sitting at a poker table or roulette.

You can enjoy Monte Carlo as a casual gambler, but it’s a popular destination for high-rollers. However, if you don’t have enough funds to gamble at the same casino as the 007 agent but want to visit Monaco, you can play casino games online. Online gambling platforms offer more benefits and bonuses than the land-based venues from Monte Carlo.

Las Vegas

We can’t imagine a top of the most popular gambling destinations without including Las Vegas. Everyone, gambler or not, has heard about the city with over 100 casinos. The names include the most reputable gambling operators, and therefore, you can benefit from the best offers and the most incredible variety of games. Besides the collection of casinos, the city also offers some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels worldwide, so even if you’re not passionate about gambling, you should visit Las Vegas at least once in a lifetime.

If you don’t want to get lost in Sin City, Reno is also located in the State of Nevada, so you can try this alternative. It offers over 20 casinos, and it has a river walk in the middle of the gaming complex. You can also visit the National Automobile Museum while there because it has some of the most interesting models of vehicles.


If you always dreamt of visiting Asia, Singapore was probably on your list because this city, state, and the island is well-known for its impressiveness. It’s a great country whose economy has been booming lately due to technological advances and relaxed gambling regulations. Did you know that 32 people from the Forbes’ Annual World’s Billionaire list are from Singapore?

Gambling enthusiasts know that Singapore has a rich gambling culture and some of the most exclusive casino venues. Despite the fact that gambling became legal on the island in 2005, it took no time for the state to turn it into an attractive activity for tourists. Even if gambling in Singapore isn’t as established as in Las Vegas, the world’s most expensive casino has been built in Marina Bay Sands Resorts. It’s an iconic building with three towers that support the world’s largest rooftop pool. Do you need any other reason to include Singapore on your list?


Thanks to its Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Imperial Palace in Beijing, or the Terracotta Army, China is a popular tourist destination. However, if the tourist attractions don’t convince you to spend your vacation in China, the casinos from Macau might. The Chinese authorities dedicated the Macau area to gambling because they’re aware that it’s one of the most popular activities worldwide. The region is a true haven for gamblers because special legislation facilitates high stake games.

You can choose from more than 30 gambling venues in Macau. Out of the 20 most famous casinos worldwide, seven are located here. More money is gambled in Macau than in any other region of the world. At present, the city drives 50% of its economy from gambling, with venues from the same operators that can be found in Las Vegas.


Your first thought when thinking about Paris is that it’s the city of romance. The ideal vacation in Paris would include a walk next to the river Seine and a visit to the Eiffel Tour. However, if you and your partner also love gambling, you’ll be thrilled to find out that there are many casinos you can visit. Some well-known casino operators have branches opened in France’s capital because they’re aware that many tourists are here for more than romantic walks.

You should know that France invented the game for roulette fans, so you should definitely play it at its home.

Atlantic City

This is another famous gambling destination. Suppose you plan to visit the East Coast of the USA, include Atlantic City on your to-see list, and you won’t regret it. The number of casinos may not be as impressive as Las Vegas, but you’ll find many venues worth visiting. And where do you count you avoiding the crowds?


How does it sound to spend your next vacation in the Caribbean? You’ll get your fair share of sun, ocean water, sand, and gambling. There’s nothing more entertaining than spending your days taking baths of the sun on the beach and nights in a casino parlor. Nassau is an island in the Bahamas with an exotic landscape and clear blue ocean waters. The biggest casino resort in Nassau is located on Paradise Island, and the place is heaven on earth. The place features some impressive glass sculptures and a seven-acre lagoon.

It doesn’t matter which of the above destinations you pick; you’ll find some amazing casinos everywhere. And if you don’t travel to a gambling destination, you can always play casino games online when you’re looking for a fun way to spend your free time.

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