Well it is hard to believe that finally, a diagnosis comes in Grey’s Anatomy episode titled “A Diagnosis” that aired last night. But it comes at the cost of one of the show’s power couples. And now in the next “Grey’s Anatomy” season 16 episode 15 the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital are in for another weather-related disaster. The next episode will see your beloved characters dealing with a new crisis in the city, a massive blizzard.

So here is everything you should know about the upcoming chapter.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 Episode 14 Recap- A Diagnosis

DeLuca was irritated after Meredith took over his patient Suzanne whose symptoms continue to stump the doctors at Grey Sloan. Elsewhere in the hospital, Jackson, Owen, and Jo together worked on a couple who got injured in a bear attack. Levi was hurt when Nico doesn’t want him to meet his parents.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 Episode 15- “Snowblind”

The 15th episode of the sixteenth season of “Grey’s Anatomy” is titled “Snowblind”. The episode will see Seattle town hitting hard by an aggressive blizzard. Just like any other natural calamity episode, this one is also going to see some of the heroes of the series in trouble with their lives being in danger.

According to the official synopsis for the next episode, the character who is going to find himself in life or death situation is none other than Andrew DeLuca. He will be in grave trouble when he tries to be a hero during the blizzard. Further, this will also leave his love interest Meredith Grey concerned about him.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 Episode 15 Spoilers- DeLuca’s Uncharacteristic behavior

Meredith and Carina will find themselves restless after when DeLuca will put himself in the path of danger by volunteering to perform a life-threatening task as the blizzard intensifies. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the hospital, Bailey will be seen helping Joey to move forward. And Richard will be training a new intern.

He will be seen in a difficult spot, given that he has so many feelings for Meredith, someone who works within this elevated position at the hospital.

Wrapping Up!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 Episode 15 “Snowblind” will air Thursday, February 27 on ABC at 9:00 pm.





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