It doesn’t matter how great your website looks, if its loading speed isn’t on par with your competitors, then chances are you are missing out on a heap of traffic, leads or even sales. Whilst there are several Essex SEO services that can help you, there are a couple of ideas you can implement yourself to speed up the process. Here, we’re taking a closer look at how to optimize the images of your site, combing files, enabling caching, and using a simple yet on-brand design can help to take your website’s loading speed to the next level!

Optimize Images

Ensuring that your images are no bigger than they need to be is an excellent way to improve your site’s loading speed. Generally speaking, PNGs are better for graphics featuring less than 16 colors, while JPEGs are the best format for photographs. These can then be compressed for use on your website to improve your site’s loading speed.

In addition, if your website features a lot of icons and buttons, CSS sprites are a great way to combine all your images into one that loads at the same time. Essentially, this reduces the number of HTTP requests being made on your site, helping to ensure that only the sections you want to display are accessible, saving a lot of time.

Combine Files

In order to reduce the number of requests your website makes, you need to combine your files. To get started, we suggest taking a closer look at your site’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. By combining and “minifying” these files, you can reduce the size of each file, including the total number. This will considerably speed up your website, removing any unnecessary code.

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Enable Caching

It’s unlikely that the first time someone visits your website they will make a purchase, so you want to enable caching. Once caching has been enabled, the next time the person visits your website, you can reduce the time your website takes to load.

Use A Simple Design

Whilst using a simple web design is easier said than done, it can help to increase your site loading speed which is a big positive for your business. A key reason for this is that it, by using simple web design, you are minimizing the total number of HTTP requests your site makes in order to load. This means that the loading time will decrease, making it more accessible for users.


A CDN, otherwise known as a content distribution network is used to help distribute the amount of content that is delivered. Its benefits include a decreased server loan, the ability to segment your audience more easily and improved network latency, helping to ensure that the data is shared in a timely manner.

There are a number of aspects that can negatively your site’s loading speed and design is just one crucial factor you have to consider in order to encourage people to visit your site again and again. How do you plan to prepare your website for the new year?

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