Home Box Office is also known as HBO is a part of an American television community. HBO is one of the largest TV networks. It has approximately 130 Million subscribers throughout the world. HBO is one of the top most viewed channels of USA. HBO involves some great channels under their network. It is available for various devices including PC, Android, iOS, MAC, and Kodi. In order to install HBO on Kodi, just follow the step by step guide mentioned below. Our guide will help you install HBO Go and HBO Now on Kodi Krypton and other versions including firestick. 

Once again, we will be adding multiple HBO Kodi Addon Sources so that you don’t have to search for other source URLs.

Latest HBO Go, HBO Now Kodi Addon Sources

Here are the latest sources for HBO Addons.

  1. http://ajbuilds.uk/secret/

How To Install HBO on Kodi

Step 1 – Launch your Kodi.

Step 2 – Click the Settings icon to open the settings menu. Then, on entering the setting menu, click on the System settings.

Step 3 – On entering the system menu, click on the File Manager.

Step 4 –Double-click on the Add Source and click on the field which says <None>.

Step 5 – copy paste the URL mentioned below and click done and then, click OK


Step 6 – Name the media source as per the name suitable to you for future reference or name the media source as secret and then select OK.

Step 7 – Now, return back to the Home screen of Kodi and click on the settings icon to enter the Settings menu. From here, click on the system settings and then find and select Add-ons. Then, select the ‘Install From ZIP File’ option.

Step 8 – Within the ‘install from zip file,’ you will find the media source you named before named as ‘secret’.

Step 9 – Then click on the file named as plugin.video.fakmov.zip.

Step 10 – then, you will receive a notification indicating Falcon Repository is enabled.

Step 11 – Return back and again, select the Install from repository option.

Step 12 – choose colossus, then click on the Video Add-ons and select the Falcon IPTV.

Step 13 – Simply select the USA TV.

Step 14 – Scroll and select HBO HD option.

Some of the Kodi does not have HBO on their network. So, here is a list of add-on providers that will provide HBO for Kodi.

List of Add-ons which Provides HBO on Kodi

Some of the add-ons that provide HBO for Kodi are mentioned below. Some of the third party add-ons are –

  1. Exodus
  2. Covenant
  3. Elysium
  4. SportsDevil
  5. Pro Sports
  6. Rising Tides
  7. WolfPack
  8. Project D
  9. Planet MMA
  10. UK Turk’s List
  11. Sports World
  12. Delorean

How to Install HBO on Kodi Krypton

Here’s a simple guide to install and Watch HBO addon on Kodi.

Step 1 – Launch kodi and click on the Settings Icon to open settings.


Step 2 – on entering the settings, select File manager to add the source file.


Step 3 – Double click on Add source.


Step 4 – select the field which says <none>.


Step 5 – copy paste the URL mentioned below to the place where it says <none>.



Step 6 – Name the media source as per the name suitable to you or name it is secret. Then, click on OK.


Step 7 – Now, return back to the home screen of Kodi and select add-ons.


Step 8 – Click on the icon at the top left corner as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 9 – Click on the Install from zip file option.


Step 10 – Now scroll and find for Secret media source you saved earlier.


Step 11 – Then, select the file named as plugin.video.fakmov.zip.


Step 12 – Wait for a few minutes to get the file installed.


Step 13 – Once you have successfully installed the add-on, you can watch HBO on Kodi.


Step 14 – Return back to the home screen and click the Falcon Add-on from Add-ons > then, click on the Video Add-ons.


Step 15 – to watch HBO you have to select the Falcon IPTV.


Step 16 – out of all the categories of TV channels, select the category based on your location. Click to select the USA TV for watching HBO on Kodi.


Step 17 – Scroll and locate HBO HD.


Step 18 – Now, you can enjoy watching HBO HD.

Step 19 – Apart from watching HBO HD, you can also enjoy watching HBO 2 HD, HBO Comedy HD, HBO Family HD, HBO Signature HD and HBO Zone HD.


Another method of watching HBO includes using adryan list Kodi add-on.

Watch HBO using Adryan on Kodi

Mentioned below is a step by step guide for watching HBO using adryan list.

Step 1 – Launch adryan list add-on.

Step 2 – select IPTV

Step 3 – select Ultimate IPTV.

Step 4 – In this step, you need to select Sky UK USA Canada and Asia mix ABC HD sky.

Step 5 – To watch HBO live with Kodi you need to choose HBO HD.

How to Watch HBO on Kodi Fire Stick

The easiest way for the users using amazon Kodi fire stick to download the HBO Now app is to download it from amazon app store. You might have noticed that when you open the app, you need to subscribe to their premium service. If already done, then just follow the step by step guide mentioned below to install HBO on Kodi Firestick.

Step 1 – Launch Firestick

Step 2 – Then, Download the HBO Go app.

Step 3 – After downloading the app, Open it.

Step 4 – On opening the app, you will notice that it will ask for an activation code. Click on the activate your device to get the code. Then, you will be asked to enter the code you received. Enter the code on your computer.

Step 5 – browse the link mentioned below.


If you live outside the US then you will be required to use VPN due to geo-restrictions.

Step 6 – Then, you will be asked to choose between Firestick or Fire TV Box. After choosing, then click on continue.

Step 7 – Now, select the TV provider, and enter your Username and password for your TV provider. If you don’t know the same, ask your provider for the same.

Step 8 – Now enter your activation code and click on Activate Device.

Step 9 – After completing the above-mentioned steps correctly, you will receive a success message indicating that you can now watch HBO Go.

That’s it. HBO addon will be installed. You can easily watch all HBO shows including Game of Thrones using HBO Kodi Addon.


As you can see, HBO Go, HBO NOW Kodi Addon can be installed easily on Kodi with just a few steps. If you are still facing problems in installing HBO Kodi Addon let us know in comments section

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