Football betting is by far the most popular activity in the United Kingdom, accounting for about 40% of all bets. As a result, it is essential for you to learn the fundamentals of football betting.

Due to the huge number of matches, several betting sites are able to provide unique promotions and competitive odds. It is our hope that the information provided here will assist you in navigating the complex world of football betting.

An explanation of the betting process

A bookmaker sets the odds and represents the relationship between the amount of money invested and the amount of money won on a specific outcome. They are often expressed as fractions (for example, 2/1), although they may also be written as decimals (e.g., 2.00). If the outcome of a sporting event is 2/1 (or 2), you will get £2 for every £1 you staked on it.

How to gamble on Football

Every week, bookmakers provide a wide range of odds-on hundreds of football events and markets. They will price the results of matches, as well as individual goalscorers and corners won.

It’s always a good idea to browse around in order to get a good value bet. If your gamble is successful and the outcome is confirmed, you will be reimbursed for your original investment as well as the chances of winning.

In addition to regular bets, you may place accumulators, which combine several selections to produce a single large odds price. This is available on almost all football markets.

We’ll go through the most popular football bets below.

Betting on a match

This is the most straightforward form of football betting in which you just anticipate the result. You may place a bet on either the home team or the away side winning, or on a draw. If the scores stay equal after 90 minutes, the draw is the winning wager, irrespective of whether additional time or penalties are needed to decide the outcome.

Bet builder/same game multi

In recent years, they have gained in popularity among football bettors. These bets are based on a single match instead of several matchups.

These bets are unlikely to win due to the large number of outcomes. They are excellent for people who know both teams and wish to mix various outcomes, such as yellow cards, corners, and goalscorers.

Bet builders may contain player props (see below). Player props are becoming more popular as solo bets.

Player stats/props

Markets for several Premier League and international football matches have been released to show how the industry has developed. For example, you may bet on players’ shoots, tackles and offsides.

The number of free kicks, goal kicks, and throw-ins is also a prop market. Player props vary per bookmaker, but UFABET offers the most accessible.

Users may also gamble on how many passes a player makes throughout a game.

Football being so unpredictable, many bookmakers exploit these bets to boost odds and value to players.

Asian handicap bet

One of the most popular Asian handicap bets is one where your pick has a “handicap” to overcome.

The bookmakers handicap each side with a plus or minus number. A whole goal handicap (+1) or a half-goal handicap (+0.5) may be applied.

Whole-goal handicap

Liverpool -1, Arsenal +2

The numbers next to each team represent their match score.

You win if Liverpool wins by two goals or more. In a tie, you lose. It’s a tie if they win by a single goal, but you receive your investment back.

If you gamble on Arsenal, you profit if they win, draw, or lose by one goal. You lose when they lose by three or more goals. Also, if they lose by two goals, the +2 offsets the loss, making the handicap a draw.

A whole-goal handicap better protects your investment.

Half-goal handicap

Arsenal +1.5, Liverpool -1.5

You win if Liverpool wins by two goals or more. An unlucky tie or loss means you lose.

You win if Arsenal loses by one goal, draws, or wins. You lose if they lose by two goals or more.

A half-goal handicap bet completely excludes a draw.

European handicap bet

A European handicap is identical to an Asian handicap, except the draw option is retained, and the handicaps are always full numbers.

Again, a short example shows how it works.

Arsenal +2, Liverpool -1

You win if Liverpool wins by two goals or more.

You win if Liverpool wins by a single goal.

You win if Arsenal wins, draws, or loses by one goal.


You may place a bet on either the first or second half. You may place bets on either the home team or the away side, or on a draw in both halves of the game.

The beginning and ending strengths of both sides are critical in order to win this wager.

Knowing the starting lineups and whether or not key players are injured or rested may be beneficial when placing this kind of bet.


Accumulators are a popular way to wager on Football. Because the profits from each pick are put on the next, they may provide large returns for modest bets. The obvious danger is that all bets must win to payout.

It is possible to select four teams that you believe will win matches at even money. If you bet £1 on each team winning, your total return will be £8 – £2 for each successful bet plus your stake money.

Assuming that all four teams win at equal money, the £2 from Team A winning would be effectively put on Team B, doubling the return to £4, the same for Teams C and D, making the total return £16. An accumulator pays off £81 if all four teams are priced at 2/1.

Goalscorer odds

This is a bet on a certain player scoring during a match.

You may wager on different outcomes, such as who will score first or last or at any point throughout the game. The chances of them scoring at any moment will be lower since it is more likely.

These bets may pay off if a player is on the form or if one side is superior to the other.

You may choose any player on the field, and bookies often have excellent deals on goalscoring markets.

Scorecast/Win cast

This bet predicts the match’s ultimate score. Remember that in cup games that go to extra time or penalties, this is the result after 90 minutes. Correct score bets provide appealing odds, but guessing the precise score is not simple.

A Scorecast is just a bet that combines goal scorer and score. You may bet on Mo Salah scoring and Liverpool winning 1-0. Again, the chances are greater because you are betting on two possible outcomes. Some bookkeepers allow you to choose the first, last, or any time goal scorer in a Scorecast.

Unlike a Scorecast, a Wincast includes picking a winner rather than the final score. The odds will be lower than a Scorecast since the result is simpler to anticipate than the scoreline.

Over/Under bets

This is a bet on how many times an event (such as goals, corners, or yellow cards) will occur throughout a game.

You may wager whether a match will have more (over) or less (under) than a certain number. The baseline value is never a full number. Thus the result is either above or under. Not even a half-goal!

So, if a bookmaker offers Over or Under 2.5 goals, you win if three or more goals are scored but lose if none, one, or two are scored. If you wager Under, you win if 0, one, or two goals are scored but lose if three or more are scored.


You wager on the result of a game, but if it is a draw, you receive your investment back. This implies the chances are typically lower than other marketplaces.

Future Manager and Player Odds

Many bookmakers provide unique odds on non-sporting events. You may bet on the sacking of the next manager or the next manager.

In addition to big-name players, there are markets for the league’s top striker (for example, the Premier League Golden Boot).

Alternatively, you may check out the various bookies’ websites.

In-play betting

In-play betting includes betting on a result during an event, such as the next team to score in a game you’re watching on TV.

The next goalscorer, side to win a next corner or throw-in, or player to be given a yellow card are all possible bets. There are also excellent markets to watch on in-play sites, including ‘corner races’ and แทงบอลออนไลน์ specials like shots and player shots.

Final Words

Football betting offers a large number of markets and bookies, making it simple to get started. Betting on Football is a lot of fun — as long as you stick to what you know.

Choosing good-value bets is the greatest approach to earn money and prevent loss. You may now add to the fun of Football by placing a wager, but remember to gamble responsibly.

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