Punters love eSports because of two reasons: to win money and have fun. Having fun is, of course, easier than the winning part. Punters have fun even when losing bets, not just when winning. Because if they did not have fun, they would never go back to play their favorite esports games. Esport betting is technically a fun form of betting, and clearly, gamblers love it whether they lose or win the bets.

However, do not forget that generally, people bet to win some extra cash. Even if you bet on esports for fun, you will soon face a financial crisis if you have no strategy. There is no fun in that. After all, winning wagers is what will make the game even more enjoyable. That is why it is crucial to have a strategy and win as many esports bets as possible.

Create a financial plan

Keep in mind that a stringent financial plan does not mean your bet is winning or not. However, it is a huge determiner of all the esports betting outcomes. A great financial plan consists of two main things; a staking plan and a monthly betting budget. Both are very important if you want your esports betting to become profitable and enjoyable.

Staking plan

It is a plan you create that revolves around how much cash you place on your bets. A staking plan could be variable or fixed. With a fixed plan, you wager an exact amount on all the bets. A variable staking plan involves a system that determines the amount to place on each bet. The system works on the merits of how successful you feel a bet will be. That means more money to the bets you are confident in and fewer deposits to the games you are unsure of.

The appropriate staking plan will help you set limits and ensure your approach to betting is analytical.

Monthly Betting Budget

As a punter, always make sure you have a monthly betting budget that should be in the range of 10% to 20% of what you earn per month. Make sure that your spending needs do not clash with your betting endeavors. The betting money should not include money for your bills or food or even transport money.

One of the main reasons you need to allocate some money for eSport endeavors is to limit your expenses on esports betting. Many punters tend to chase their losses which makes them lose even more. However, if you have a monthly budget that you stick to, you will know when to stop to avoid losing even more cash.

Analyze the players and teams

To improve your chances of winning, you have to critically analyze the teams and the players before wagering your money. Carefully analyzing how a player or team played their previous matches may give you a hint at how it will perform in the next game.

Ensure you always do your homework before betting. Look at the two opponents, the availability of all their players, their previous meetings, and the format they play. All this information should give you hints at who are the favorites to win.

Focus on games that you know

There is a wide array of esports on most platforms. More esports are cropping up every year, meaning that punters have very many options. With many options at your disposal, it can be tempting to play just any game.

However, betting is not easy and works if you know what you are doing. That means you should have good knowledge of the games you want to wager on, to make the sport enjoyable. If you have been following a sport closely, you will most likely know what will happen in the next match for a given team. Wagering on such an event could be fun and profitable too.

Live esports betting

Taking the simple pre-match bets is fashionable but if you are more confident in your skills, try live esports betting. Here you can easily take advantage of the discrepancies between the game and the live odds. Look for sites that offer free live streaming services and follow the events as they happen in real-time.

Be watchful for the high odds before they change and wager on such opportunities to reap big on esports betting. Betting on live esports requires patience and skill, but the results could be pretty appealing.

Never follow the masses

With esports betting, it is easy to get carried away by the herd. You might feel a strong urge to bet on a particular team in esports tournaments because the team is getting more attention from the audience.

Take your time and research all teams participating in an esports tournament before betting. Plenty of gamblers have made good money from wagering on the underrated teams that do not have the backing of the masses.

Final Thoughts

eSports betting is as simple as any other form of betting, but only if you have the right hacks and techniques. Follow the tricks in this guide to enjoy successful eSports betting.

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