Stepping into an adult sex toy store can be an intimidating experience for many people. However, it’s important to remember that exploring your sexuality and embracing your desires is a perfectly natural and empowering part of life…However, we do appreciate that it is much easier said than done!

In this article, we’re going to share some tips on how to feel more comfortable when shopping in a physical adult sex toy store. And if at the end of this article you are still anxious about the idea, we’ll share some easy and discreet alternatives!

Own Your Sexuality

The best way to feel at ease when stepping into an adult store by yourself is to own your sexuality! Remind yourself that self-pleasure is a form of self-care and it can work wonders for your mental and physical health.

In owning your sexuality, it may give you that boost in self-confidence and enable you to walk around an adult sex toy store without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.

Not only that, but everyone else in the store will be there for the very same reasons, so try not to let it get to you.

Start Small

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all (which is perfectly normal), you may wish to start by exploring smaller, less intimidating sections of the store.

So, for example, rather than heading straight over to the spank-paddles and sex swings, you can start with the bullet vibrators or male masturbator section. This gradual exposure can help alleviate anxiety and build your confidence.

Remember, everyone has their own comfort level, and there’s no rush or pressure to try or buy anything that doesn’t feel right for you.

Seek a Welcoming Environment

Look for adult stores that foster a welcoming and non-judgmental environment. Head online and research local shops or online stores known for their friendly staff and customer-focused approach.

Staff members in reputable stores are well-trained and understand the importance of creating a comfortable, judgement-free experience for customers.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek guidance – they are there to assist you and address any concerns you may have.

Not only that, but they’re very good at normalising the experience and setting their customers at ease. After all, everybody masturbates!

Bring a Friend for Moral Support

Consider bringing a trusted friend or partner along with you when visiting an adult store – it can be an awful lot of fun.

Having a familiar face can help alleviate any embarrassment or anxiety you might feel. That, and many people share similar curiosities and desires – so, your friend may also benefit from the experience.

Embrace Online Shopping

If the thought of visiting a physical store still feels uncomfortable to you, don’t worry, online adult stores and sex toys apps offer a safe and convenient alternative.

With just a few clicks, you can discreetly browse a wide selection of products and have them delivered straight to your door.

Online shopping provides the freedom to explore and experiment with different options without worrying about bumping into someone you know.

The convenience and discretion of online adult stores ensure your personal journey of self-discovery remains private and stress-free!


Never forget: exploring your desires is a natural part of life, and you have the right to embrace your sexuality in a way that feels comfortable and empowering for you.

Whether you choose to visit a physical store or opt for the convenience of online shopping or via adult sex toy shop apps, the key is to prioritise your comfort and well-being!

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