Installation of Android apps on Fire TV is easy, but using it via a remote is not that smooth. And many of you might agree with me that the interface of some apps demands touch-friendly navigation. In such a case, you need to install mouse toggle for Fire TV

Third-party Android apk apps are not remote friendly and thus fail to work on devices like FireStick. However, with the help of apps like Mouse Toggle FireStick or Fire TV, you can have a more pleasurable experience. You can navigate easily on your Fire TV and even manipulate the interface elements. To have unrestricted access to the apps, make sure you have the mouse toggle apk file downloaded using an apk downloader and installed on your device.

What is Mouse Toggle?

Mouse Toggle is an Android application that acts as a wireless mouse to help navigate on the Fire TV/ Firestick screen. This is a very useful app mainly when you side-load third-party apps. The use of Mouse Toggle enables the working of the apps that isn’t compatible with the Amazon devices like Fire TV FireStick, Fire TV Edition 4 K television and even the Fire TV Cube. These apps are not remote-friendly and so if you want to stream app like Show Box HD and Popcorn Time then Mouse Toggle will be very useful. The simple reason behind such incompatibility is that you cannot find these apps in the Amazon App Store, hence they are not meant for Firestick.

As some of the items are not accessible with the Firestick remote control, you can make use of the mouse pointers for easy navigation. These pointers can appear and disappear as well at your will. This means that you can switch between the remote control and mouse toggle functions at your will.

Features of Mouse Toggle

  • It allows you to access all the incompatible third-party applications.
  • The mouse navigation can be used via the FireStick remote only.
  • You can stream entertainment apps that are not remote-friendly just by sideloading it. So you can enjoy unlimited TV shows and movies using the Mouse Toggle app.
  • The Mouse Toggle works just like the regular mouse. It performs all the functions like dragging, scrolling and clicking as well as long clicking.
  • You can install it on a device like FireStick as it is a lightweight app and so provides greater efficiency in terms of navigation.
  • Its auto device discovery feature detects the FireStick or Fire TV devices automatically, if not you can make use of the manual IP address to connect.

How to Install Mouse Toggle for Fire TV?

The official Amazon Store doesn’t support Mouse Toggle like third-party application. It is developed by the independent developers that you can sideload on your FireStick device. There are two ways for installation of Mouse Toggle apk file.

Method 1- Install Mouse Toggle using Downloader App

The first process to install Mouse Toggle APK on FireStick or Fire TV can be divided into three steps.

Part 1- Enable Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging

Step 1- From the Home Screen, click on the Fire TV/ FireStick Settings. Then click on My Fire TV.

Step 2- Click on the Developers Option.

Step 3- In the new window make sure that the ADB Debugging and Unknown Sources option are enabled. If not then click on the toggle button to change it to On status.

Step 4- A warning message will pop-up. Click on Turn On.

After doing this, you will be able to sideload the Mouse Toggle app.

Part 2- Install the Downloader App

You need to install an additional application, called the Downloader app to install the apk file. The downloader app is quite famous, but if you don’t have it then you can get it by following the given steps.

Step 1- Open the FireStick device. From its Home Screen, click on the Search option.

Step 2- Type Downloader in the search bar. Then click on the Downloader app that comes at the top.

Step 3- Now click on Download. Wait for a few seconds till the Downloader app installs on your device.

Step 4- Open the Downloader app, to begin the third part of the installation process.

Part 3- Install Mouse Toggle APK on Fire TV/ FireStick

The next and the final part of this installation guide is to install the apk file on your device. So now that you have the Downloader app, you can easily go ahead with this process.

Step 1- Open the Settings of the Downloader app. Then scroll down to the Enable Java Script option and click on it.

Step 2- Now go back to the main tab of the Downloader browser and to download the apk file.

Enter the following URL for the fire TV and FireStick version.

And for Fire TV Cube, new 4K Fire TV 3, or Fire TV Edition HDTV you can download the Mouse Toggle version 1.6, so enter the following URL-

Step 3- You will get a prompt window. Click on Install Mouse Toggle.

Step 4- After the installation process completes click on Open.

For the mouse toggle feature to start automatically, you can enable the mouse service.

Step 5- Press the Home Screen to exit the present window. This will keep the mouse toggle app running in the background.

After the installation process completes you can activate the mouse toggle option by double-clicking the play button of your FireStick’s remote button. Just like the mouse cursor of your PC and laptop, you will use the mouse cursor to click on various items on the screen.

Method II- Install Mouse Toggle on FireStick/ Fire TV using ES File Explorer

Apart from the Downloader method, you can also use the ES File Explorer method to download and install the Mouse Toggle app on your Amazon Firestick devices.

Step 1- To begin with, first download the ES File Explorer on your device.  Search for ES File Explorer from the home screen on FireStick.

Step 2- Click on ES File Explorer to download it. And then with the help of instructions install it on your device.

Step 3- Now open the ES File Explorer and click on the Downloader option. Click on Tools> Download Manager.

Step 4- To get the new Download window click on the Plus New option. And then enter the following path- Also if you want you can give this path a suitable name.


Step 5- Choose the Download Now option. And wait for a few seconds till the file gets downloaded. Then click on Open File.

Step 6- Now click on Install, and then again click on Install.

Wait till the installation process completes and you get the message of Toggle app installed on your device.

Wrapping Up

So guys Mouse Toggle is here to help you stream apps like Popcorn Time and ShowBox without any difficulty. It will bridge the gap between the sideloaded aps and your FireStick or Fire TV remote control. So to have an easy navigation, Mouse Toggle is a must have app.

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