There are 1189 regular-season games each year in the NBA, providing plenty of opportunities for gamblers to place bets and win money.

However, bookies tend to win more than they lose, and you’ll want to try and even the odds before you wager your cash. Otherwise, you could quickly find your bankroll diminishing as the season goes on.

Although there is no guarantee of winning when gambling, you can use several great tips to help you make more accurate NBA predictions.

Let’s find out what they are.

Study Current Form Guides

One of the main attractions of sports is that a team can be brilliant one week and awful the next. This unpredictability adds excitement for spectators, but it also makes it more difficult to make NBA predictions.

Whether you are betting on NBA teams or NBA players, you should study the form guides. This could show that a team had been playing well up until a few weeks ago, but that they’re now in a slump. Or, you might notice that although a team is playing badly, a particular player is in brilliant form.

This information can be invaluable, allowing you to use these details to make winning bets. Although carrying out this research can take time, it could be worth it if you win big.

Look at Historical Data

While the current form of teams and players can be crucial, historical data can also be vital when it comes to making sports predictions. For example, it could be the case that a team has lost to a specific opponent every time they’ve played them over the last number of years. In addition, you might find a player always struggles at a certain point in the season.

You can then decide if you feel the information about the current or historical form is more important. As you build up a better picture of how teams and players perform over the course of a season, you may find it’s easier to place winning bets.

Review the Injury Lists

An injury to a key player could have a huge impact on the outcome of an NBA game. If an athlete is unable to play, this could leave their team more vulnerable on defense, or unable to be effective in attacking the basket. It could even be that a team has a string of injuries that is going to severely weaken them before a big game.

However, a player getting injured can open up opportunities for others to stake a claim for a starting spot on a team. If you think a player stepping up into the starting spots will play well, this could be a chance to make some money by betting on their performance.

Just remember that injuries can happen at any time, so it’s useful to check which players are unavailable before you place a bet.

Consider Home and Away Form Statistics

How teams perform when playing home or away is an important metric that can help you when making NBA predictions. This is because a team could be dominant in their home arena, but have a torrid time when they play away, or vice-versa.

There can also be differences depending on where a team is playing when away from home. For example, a team may be successful in the majority of their away games but struggle when they are in one or two locations. These statistics could provide you with critical information that helps you to pick a winning wager.

Scheduling Can Make a Difference

With so many NBA games being played in the regular season, fatigue could be an issue. Players have to train, travel to arenas, and play fast and tiring games against professional opponents. There is also the mental pressure of trying to perform well every time they walk on the court.

If teams are having to play multiple games in a short time, this could be exhausting and negatively affect their performances. Therefore, when you’re making an NBA prediction, it may be useful to review the team’s schedules. You might notice that some teams are barely getting a break during specific periods, whereas their opponents will have had long rests after their previous games.

However, you should be aware that some teams may thrive on having a packed schedule, particularly if they are on a winning streak. This could mean they are more likely to win despite playing more games than their opponents. By having this information to hand, you can decide which teams or players you’re going to back.

Watch Player and Coach Interviews

This is one of the more unconventional methods to help you make NBA predictions. While statistics and facts can be meaningful, basketball is also an emotional game. There are highs and lows, and confidence can play a significant role in how teams and players perform.

If you watch a player or coach being interviewed, you may notice they lack belief when talking about their chances of winning their next game. They might even say something that suggests they are worried about playing their opponent. This could be a hint that you should consider backing the other team to win.

Although this technique could be useful, you should remember that there are many players in a team. Although one person may be feeling less confident, this doesn’t mean their teammates are feeling the same way.

Try to Spot Potential Trades

A team may be looking for a player that could transform their fortunes, making trades an important factor when it comes to making NBA predictions. Should you hear any interesting NBA trade rumors, you may want to consider placing a bet on the team that is about to strengthen its playing roster.

It might also be worth looking at wagers you could make on the team that is losing a player. If the team is looking weaker, you could make money by betting on them to concede more points or to score fewer points throughout the season.

Don’t Overlook the Referee

You know the referee is there, and you might complain about his decisions every so often. But, you may not consider how his performance can influence your wager.

For example, if a referee isn’t letting the game flow, this could mean the final score is lower than expected. Or, if he’s making harsh decisions, a player that you’re betting on could get ejected from the game.

Take a look at how a referee tends to manage games and decide if you need to change your betting predictions. You might not get this judgment right all the time, but it may help you gain an edge when you’re placing a wager.

Look For Expert Advice

There are professionals who can provide you with advice based on advanced analytics and data. For example, they can give you the probable chances of an event occurring based on thousands of simulations.

This can make it easier to find the picks that are most likely to be profitable and help you avoid the wagers that could cost you money. To take advantage of this type of service, check out the best prop bets today.

Be Open-Minded

If results aren’t going your way, you may need to change your approach to making NBA predictions. Although you might have an emotional connection to your team and believe they will win, this isn’t necessarily a good reason to gamble on them.

Similarly, just because LeBron James is hugely popular, this doesn’t mean he will play well in every game. If you allow your emotions and public opinion to cloud your judgment, this could result in you losing more money than you win.

To help you stay objective, keep a record of your bets. You can review your predictions and the final results, allowing you to see if there is a pattern to your wins and losses. This can make it easier to refine your NBA prediction strategy and make it more profitable.

Start Making More Accurate NBA Predictions

Making NBA predictions isn’t always easy, but you could get better results by studying the form guide, checking for key injuries, and considering if a team is likely to be well-rested or tired before a game. You may also be more successful if you look for expert predictions and stay unbiased when placing your NBA bets.

With luck, your NBA wagers could make you extra cash throughout the season.

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