It is the era of online dating and let me tell you it’s not easy. From creating the perfect profile to figuring out if a girl likes you over text, online dating keeps you on your toes. But if you have a little experience and understand women’s psychology, which is a little difficult, then you can actually pick up the hints girls give. Yes, women being the mystery box do give little hints through their texts. And if you master this skill then you have cleared the first step. So today we are going to give you some hints to know how to tell if a girl likes you over text. 

10 Signs For How to Tell If a Girl Likes You Over Text

how to tell if a girl likes you over text

Nowadays it is hard to understand texting behaviours. So here are a few signs to confirm that you are catching the right signals. 

She Starts the Conversation

One of the obvious signs to know that a girl likes you is when she initiates the conversation. If she texts you first, without any specific reason then she is interested in you. Girls like to get texts, rather than texting anybody themselves. So if she is making that effort to communicate with you then it is a sign that the girl likes you over text.

She Talks to You a Lot

girl likes you over a text

Another hint to notice is she talks to you frequently. Let’s say, if you had texted each other whole night, and you get a Good Morning text the next morning, then boy you have impressed her. She is into you, if you get repeated texts from her. However it is also a sign of a text-clingy girlfriend, so be careful.

You Receive Replies Immediately

Waiting for your crush’s reply can be bothering. From hours to days, we all have waited for that special reply. But if you get an immediate reply from the special person, then I’m sure she is into you. Another sign that you can consider is getting a reply within minutes when she is busy. Yes, if she tries to keep the conversation going in between her work, then she is a keeper. 

She Uses Cute Emojis

When she uses a lot of emojis, especially cute and sexy one, then there are chances that she is trying to make a rapport with you. And so try to know her way of texting to other people. If she is trying to make the conversation with your fun and more interesting then she might be doing it knowingly. After all use of emojis is also a way of flirting. 

She Finds You Humorous

If she laughs at all of your jokes, even the not so funny ones, then she is showing her interest in you. Making a girl laugh and engaging her in your conversation can be difficult. However, if most of her replies are like HAHAHA, LOL or LMAO then it is a sign that she likes to have a conversation with you.

She Teases You 

It is said that the ones who are close to us tease us a lot. Girls get a lot of teasing messages from guys. It is their way of showing interest. And this works the other way round as well. So if the girl you are texting teases you, then it means she feels comfortable with you and expects you to be normal about it. She even considers you a close friend and expects an emotional response. 

She Notices Change in Conversations

Girls are quite an observer. They have an excellent sixth sense and can feel if something is different or odd. So if you have stopped texting or giving one-word replies, then they can sense it. You can try doing this, and if you get messages like “You haven’t been texting lately?”  Or “Are you okay?”, then she definitely likes you. If you are getting a lot of prying questions, then it is a signal of interest.  

She Shares Lines and Quotes from her Favorite Book

Another way of flirting is when she shares her likes and dislikes with you. If she sends quotes or lines from her favorite book or a song that she is always on her playlist then she is trying to impress you. This is a creative way of flirting where she wants you to know more about her.

Flirting Over Text

When you pass the awkward text conversation zone and enter the territory of flirtations, then do not waste your time beating around the bush. Let her know about your feelings. It’s time you make the move and ask for her number. So if you get some flirty messages, then good news awaits you. 

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She Enquiries about your Personal Life

Girls have their own way to know about men. When they are interested in someone, their questions would change from “what you do” to “what inspires you to do your work?” Men usually don’t see the emotional bent to these questions and thus don’t pick the signs. By asking more and more about your personal life and incidents they try to know you better and this shows their interest in you.

Shares Personal Information

If the girl is sharing personal information with you, then it means she is comfortable with you and trusts you. It is a great sign that the girl likes you. Though there are chances that she likes you as a friend but you can always take a chance. 

She Compliments You a Lot

Every girl stalks the man she is interested in on Facebook or Instagram. And she cannot stop herself from liking your pictures and complimenting you. From pictures to your accomplishments if she compliments you or congratulate you every time then she definitely likes you. Look out for such words like “I’m so proud of you,” “Lets catch up” in her comments. 

Also sometimes girls self-depreciate to make boys feel good about them. So if she says something like- A guy like you deserves girl better than me” then boy, she likes you and wants to be with you. 

She Copies your Style

When we like someone we start copying their style of writing, expressing sub-consciously. This is an important sign to identify. See whether they are replying in the same manner, in a same number of lines, or using your regular slang. It is human nature to copy the people they like in order to impress them. 

She Sends you Pictures or Asks FaceTime

If a girl is confident about her looks and her interest in you then she will send you her beautiful pictures to impress you. In case she doesn’t do it herself, you can try asking picture from her. If she sends it without any hesitation then she definitely wants to take things ahead. However, if she doesn’t, then it doesn’t show her disinterest. It is possible that she is a little shy right now. 

Also if she asks you to do a video call or Facetime her, then she might be interested to know you better. 

She Asks You Out Directly

The last obvious sign to know if a girl likes you over text is when she asks you out directly. It might not be a proper date, but just a coffee outing can show her interest in you. If you are interested, then say yes and groom yourself to impress her more. 

Wrapping Up – So Did You Find How to Tell If a Girl Likes You Over Text

Women are complicated. Their brain responds to powerful and different emotions. And so they do not choose a guy who works like a puppet. So just be yourself and keep an eye on these signs. 

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