You may know everything in the world, but you will never know exactly what is in the girl’s head. That is how they are designed. Because of their emotionality and spontaneity, it can be hard for men to understand them. Because of this, the question of all times appears — how to win over a girl?

You can read a hundred manuals on this topic, but you still can’t find a clear answer. There is no specific phrase for Russian women dating after which they fall in love. You can follow all the instructions exactly but never succeed. But there are things that girls tend to like and hate. And we will tell you about them below.

Multifaceted approach

Don’t even try to win the girl with one act or phrase. Of course, a romantic deed will increase her interest in you. But to impress a girl, you need to be patient and show your interest in her for a long time.

Don’t be a male, you are not in a wild jungle

Girls love it when men are a little dominant and show strength. But if you behave too self-confident, and at any opportunity show that you are a man — she may not like it.

Take your shortcomings to the next level

Let’s say that clumsiness sometimes appears in your movements. You can hide it, but because you still drop something, blush, apologize and lose points in your lady’s rating. And you can take it to a new level. Joke about your awkwardness, play up situations when you do something wrong. Make it almost your feature. An easy attitude to shortcomings and the ability to laugh at them always work better than diffidence and restraint about this.

Try to help

If a woman tells you about her problem, always offer your help in solving the problem. Most likely, she will refuse or may well cope on her own. But with such a gesture you show your strength, she will know that you can come to the rescue. This is crucial for girls.


Make her feel safe. Even the strongest woman is a girl at her heart. Give this little girl safety. Hold her hand more often, show that she is not alone with her problems, offer help if you understand that she is in difficulty. Do the cute little things that make her smile.

Respect her

Respect her interests and her opinions. If you feel like she is wrong, show it gently and constructively. In no case try to exalt yourself because of her failures, only weaklings do this.

Don’t be desperate

Girls, like men, don’t like too intrusive people. Even if you can’t think of anything else than this girl, you don’t need to show it. Let her know that you have freedom. There is a fine line between being interested and assertive — don’t cross it.

To sum up

What women value most in a partner is the ability to be themselves. Try to show your strengths, but don’t create an image. You can’t build a relationship only on the image.

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