The construction industry is the backbone of a nation. It has always been seen as a promising field for any country. As the populations grow, the need to build more houses, malls, roads, etc. becomes a necessity. It also brings about lots of jobs for people who have skills and are experts. Although it is an industry that needs more of a physically fit and strong people, there are some areas that serve as a supporting portion to the weak and the needy.

For instance, painting is an easy job when compared to working as a scaffolder. Besides, a large proportion of workers in the construction industry consists of women employees. But having only a license is not enough for this industry. A national police check is also an important part.


The construction industry comprises of different businesses. The types of businesses are:

  • Site preparation and land development;
  • Installation services;
  • Building structure services;
  • Civil and heavy engineering;
  • Non-residential and residential constructions etc.

The types of licenses also vary with the type of businesses. They are:

  • Gas fitting license;
  • Heavy vehicle license;
  • Electrical license;
  • Plumbing license;
  • Building license etc.


The requirements and conditions to get a builders license approved is different in different states and territories. These differences are based on the knowledge and the experience they have with financial tools.

In some places like South Australia, a national police clearance check certificate is required along with the right expertise. A police clearance certificate of not more than 1 year old should be obtained by the director of a construction company and organization for someone working for them.

The criminal record of an individual will be revealed through a police check. This is because the police check contains information such as any guilt findings, any pending court proceedings, or any criminal convictions.


Constructions or building sites are usually piled with personal properties, expensive and heavy equipment, and proprietary information. Hence, it is not only important to save them from theft or fraud, but also to trust everyone who enters the site.

Including a national criminal history, a check should be considered as a priority during the pre-employment background process. A police clearance has been found to safeguard a company’s reputation, culture, resources, employees, performance, clients, and productivity. It brings about positivity in the workplace.

A national police check should be undertaken by anyone registering with the construction (company or individual). This is part of the application process. Sometimes, the applications are returned back to the applicant if the police check is incomplete.

In order to register the company, all the directors of the company are required to undergo a police check for the application to progress.

The national police check is also known as the national criminal history check. There are basically 2 common types of checks. They are:

  • “A name with fingerprint” national criminal history check- searched based on the applicant’s name and fingerprint comparing it with the available criminal history record.
  • “A Name only “ police check- done by searching any criminal history record against the applicant’s name.


The documents that will be required to register for a business or to get a license are:

  • Passport;
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Drivers license;
  • Debit or credit card;
  • Visa (If applicable);
  • National police check certificate.


A registration is valid for a minimum of 5 years. The registration must be renewed by every building practitioner in that time period. This is for all the practitioners and the organization.

A national police check should be undertaken by everyone who wants to renew their registration as part of the application.

Generally, the criminal records will not contain spent findings in most cases. But they may be revealed if it is requested for exempt purposes. Exempt purposes mean if a criminal history check is required for licensing and registration, teaching, overseas visa, insurance, and carer.

The criminal record check will contain information such as:

  • Ongoing or pending court hearings;
  • Penalties and sentences;
  • Any serious violent or sexual nature (especially towards children)
  • Convictions related to traffic infringements such as overspeeding, drug or drink driving, etc.

With a national police clearance, it is easy to protect the company or organization along with maintaining a good reputation. No one wants to work in a place where there is a fear of having your belongings stolen or the risk of getting harmed. It also saves time to recruit and train an employee.

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