For a PC gamer like you, sometimes you need a rig that’s on the go.

In other words, you want a customized gaming laptop.

A gaming laptop is a high-end gaming machine you can take anywhere with you. It has more powerful specs compared to a typical laptop. Gaming laptops also offer tons of advantages not just to gamers but also to professionals as well.

People purchase new laptops every five years as regular laptops have a designated period to be used. But it’s not always the case with gaming laptops because they don’t easily get phased out.

There are many reasons why a gaming laptop is better than a regular laptop. Gaming laptops have these noticeable features such as speed, unique features, high-quality parts, versatile features, and better durability.

Here are the top things to consider if you want to buy one.

Laptop with Powerful GPU


One of the most important features to look for in a gaming laptop is the GPU. GPU is the heart of a gaming laptop. It stands for Graphics Processing Unit.

GPU is designed to accelerate graphics renderings which can process lots of data useful for video editing, machine learning, and games.

Most gaming laptops are GPU-bound, which is why it’s a major decision you have to do when buying one. You can choose from the best graphics cards depending on your budget as well.

Look for other good specs: CPU, RAM, storage


CPU handles the game’s calculation and non-gaming processes such as browser, productivity, and OS.

When looking for a CPU, RAM, and storage you have to keep in mind the features you need to consider. We recommend Intel as it’s hard to find an AMD CPU in a gaming laptop.

You have to choose at least a 6th generation core. You would be able to identify it because of the IDs on the chips like the 6th generation number 6, Core i5-6200U. Core i5 is the bare minimum and also the slowest CPU standard to date.

You also have to look for a quad-core chip to support your gaming needs. You can identify it with suffixes like Quad-core Core i7. They also have suffixes ending in HK or HQ. The HK chips are the fastest.

You also have to look for the higher clock speed as it equates to faster speeds. And don’t settle for less than 8GB of RAM.

As for the storage, keep in mind that you want your gaming laptop to load and transfer files fast. It’s best to buy an SSD, but note that it’s a bit expensive.

You can, however, settle for 256 GB SSDs if you’re on a budget. It is also recommended to purchase one that has both a hard drive and SSD.

Look for an entry-level gaming keyboard


You surely want the best gaming keyboard, right? Well, you can get one if you consider a few things such as its key travel, actuation, customization or backlighting, and anti-ghosting.

Key travel is the depth of how far down you can press your key. This is around 1.5 mm to 2mm. You want your keys to having firmness when you press without feeling awkward. Expensive laptops also usually have mechanical keys.

Meanwhile, actuation is the measured amount of force necessary to apply on a key to press it down. It is between 65 and 70 grams, enough to give it a nice bounce and enough resistance without feeling soft.

Customization or backlight is already built-in for budget gaming laptops. However, you may also add multicolored mini neon lights on your gaming keyboard to spice things up a bit.

Look for a great display


Consider the size of the screens. Gaming laptops usually have 15 or 17 inches screen sizes. But note that laptops with larger screens are heavier.

You also have to check out the resolution. When it comes to gaming laptops, the minimum resolution is 1920 x 1080. Anything less will surely be crappy graphics!

Also, avoid buying gaming laptops with touchscreens as they kill battery life. You also have to look for the G-sync and F-sync which sync the display with the graphics cards.



Gaming laptops aren’t just for gamers or are they limited to gaming alone. They are designed to handle extreme multi-tasking and handle heavy usage.

A gaming laptop is the same as a regular laptop which is easy to use. But they have special features which make them superior powerful portable gadgets — and downright ideal for gamers!

The high price might lure away some buyers. But having one would be worth every penny because you can enjoy games even more and become more productive with computer tasks.

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