All the fans out there, I have something very exciting to tell you. Guess what, Money Heist is all set to return on Netflix for season 4. Yes, you read that right. La Casa de Papel season 4 has an official release date on April 3rd, 2020 globally. Netflix just revealed it in Brazil during a CCXP19 panel. This explosive Spanish series is among one of the most popular shows on Netflix. So here is everything that you would want to know about Money Heist season 4 and its release date on Netflix to enjoy.

All about La Casa de Papel

The renewal of Money Heist for season 4 was announced long before part 3 had even aired. The news of it coming out in 2020 came from a press conference where Alex Pina confirmed the fourth part of the show had already begun filming.

Now after a week or so release date of Money Heist season 4, Netflix released the viewing stats for the show and I must say it’s quite impressive. According to the stats, over 34 million have tuned in to watch the show across the world. The show also got frequent mention in Netflix’s recent investor relations video saying it is a key driver.

And you know what, since the release of part 3 of Money Heist, the makers of the show actually added more runtime to one of its episodes. That is because, on the first edit, the team removed a segment featuring footballing legend Neymar. But now they have re-added so that it’s time to dive in for a rewatch.

Money Heist Season 4 Teaser is Out

Firstly, if you haven’t seen the previous three seasons of La Casa de Papel then you must watch them before April. All the seasons are available on Netflix. The show is one of the most popular non-English shows, having won an International Emmy for Best Drama last year.

Coming back to season 4, Netflix also posted a short teaser on YouTube and announced the launch date of the show. Although the teaser does not reveals much about the upcoming events that will be witnessed in the show. But it will take you back in time reminding of all the current cast of Money Heist, and what it was about.

So eventually you will have to wait for some five more months to see whether the Professor has a solution to escape law enforcement once again. And this time around, it seems that things will appear to be more difficult than during the previous heist.

Season 4 Money Heist Release Date on Netflix

Although according to an interview with Cadena 3 it was believed that part 4 of Money Heist would be on Netflix in January 2020.

However, now its official that Money Heist season 4 is coming to Netflix globally on April 3rd, 2020.

Money Heist Season 4 Expectations

Before you jump to what all can you expect from season 4, let’s quickly run through the events of Money Heist Part 3. To start with, the band is back together again for performing an even bigger heist than the first one. All of it, however, is done to rescue one of their members who has been captured.

Later in the episode, you get to witness that the stakes have been upped dramatically becoming an all-out war. Further, the Professor is certain that Raquel is dead and calls for DEFCON 2 which results in the use of RPG’s against a tank rolling into the storm the Bank of Spain.

Finally, it is Nairobi whose fate looks bleak given her bullet wound while the plan of Professor is up in the air with the new police negotiator firmly in control. Also as per the teaser, Nairobi is likely to make a comeback.

Will Money Heist Season 4 be the final season?

Well, if you look at the storyline and plot of the show, one can expect the story to wrap up for this heist by the end of next season.

Again given Netflix’s name convention around the seasons the series may become an anthology.

For right now all you can do is just be excited for the next and possibly the final season of Money Heist. The official trailer has been released. Check it out-

YouTube video

Wrapping UP!

So stay tuned on this page for more updates on Netflix’s famous and high on drama series, Money Heist Season 4 2020.





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