Challenger brands are shaking up the established order of things in almost every sector, from Chinese mobile phones that are every bit as good as Apple or Samsung’s flagships to pop up restaurants that can appear literally overnight in your local town center. The principle certainly applies in the rapidly evolving and highly competitive online casino industry. Every week, new casino brands go live, eager to steal some market share from their more established rivals.

You might think that using a casino platform that has only been around for a short time is a high risk strategy. However, there are distinct benefits that doing so can bring.

The best bonuses and promos

Online casinos and free bonuses go hand in hand. Practically all of them offer free spins or deposit bonuses of one sort or another. Invariably, the new names have the most attractive deals. They need to give you a reason to try them out ahead of a name that you recognize, and the simple fact is that the most effective way to a gambler’s heart is often through his or her wallet.

The newest games

Visit an established online casino, and you will see all the familiar games. To one side are the classic table games like baccarat and blackjack, while to the other are the slots that have been topping the rankings for the past decade – games like Starburst, Book of Ra and Lucky Lady’s Charm. These crowd pleasers will almost certainly be at new casinos too, but in addition, you’re going to see more of the latest released, both from industry giants like NetEnt or Microgaming and from smaller indie studios. It all adds up to a more varied and interesting gaming experience.

Mobile optimization

A decade ago, online casino providers started to realize that they needed to make their games accessible on mobile platforms. Today, they have all either succeeded in doing so or gone out of business. However, there is a big difference between a platform that has been modified to operate on a handset and one that has been designed in the mobile-first technological environment of the 2020s. The latest platforms are designed with mobile users in mind from the outset.

Payment flexibility

When you get down to brass tacks, casino gaming is all about financial transactions. At a physical casino, you put cash in and on a lucky night, you take even more cash out. Making those transactions as swift and frictionless as possible without increasing risk for either the gambler or the casino has always been a challenge. It’s one that newer platforms are better equipped to meet as innovative payment methods from providers like Trustly to whole new concepts like blockchain come to the fore.

Customer service

Just as Apple and Samsung were taken by surprise at the rise of Huawei, it is easy for established providers to be over confident in their superiority. In short, new entrants will try harder, offering facilities like instant chat and generous VIP programs to provide the best possible experience.

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