Android allows the use of any third party software for customizing the UI experience for the users. Nova launcher stands on top in terms of a launcher that provides the user with such vast customizing options compared with both paid and unpaid apps. Nova launcher was one of the first launchers on the PlayStore that was launched way back in 2012. It has though with changing times, still retains the top spot among its competitors with over 50 million downloads for the basic version and over a million users who paid for the prime version and Nova prime is worth EVERY PENNY!

Although thousands of Android Launchers are available on the Play Store, only a few of them are good and trustworthy. Nova Launcher is also one of those launchers which allow us to customize our Android device to the next level. This launcher has numerous positive reviews on the Google Play Store.

So how does Nova retain its top spot among such a huge competition even after all these years? Let’s look at the features and we may have an answer!

What is Nova Launcher Prime Apk?

Nova prime is a launcher for your android phones that help you customize your home screens and how the apps are viewed in any way that you like. Nova prime also helps certain users that have a “certain” way of how their phone icons, animations, and home screens look and feel. If someone wants the power to customize their phones according to their needs -Nova prime is a way to go!

nova launcher prime apk

Nova launcher helps you customize even the smallest details of your mobile thus earning its name. Nova launcher offers the home screen where both icons and widgets can be placed whereas the apps can be easily found in the drawer which is beautifully maintained and is highly customizable. Want to customize your entire android phone? Nova prime launcher is the way to go!!!

Why Nova prime?

Nova launcher is undoubtedly one of the best if not “the best” launcher out there but Nova prime even lets you further customize your experience with the app.

1). Icon size customization

Icons can also be customized in the basic version of the app with features like changing the icon packs and also the feature to customize the icon label but if you need to change the icon size then you will need the Nova prime launcher.

It just does not limit to the size of the icon but also the padding between them, how the labels are represented and much more.

2). More customizable scrolling

Though scrolling effects are provided in the basic version of the app, it is only limited to three effects, simple, cube and card stack effect but with the prime version, there are many more effects to even make something as basic as scrolling in the app drawer a nice experience.

3). Drawer

Drawer customization while is available but creating folders in the drawer is not available in the free version with even the tool to hide certain apps. Creating more tabs in the drawer helps better in classifying the apps and working with the launcher.

4). Gestures – making every app available on the go

While gestures are not available on the free version of the app it is available on the prime version. Gestures make the accessibility of the apps very easy (opening the apps with a tap or a swipe up) and make Nova prime a very helpful launcher.

5). Notification badges

Nova Launcher Prime Apk offers notification badges that help the user to know if they have unread notifications in that app.

6). New phone? Get your old layout because Nova got your back(up)

One of the most prominent features of the nova prime launcher is that Nova prime allows the user to back up their default settings so if you are on a new phone don’t go through a headache for putting and applying the old same settings again and again instead Nova will restore your data from the backup.

With the big names in technology news giving the app huge appreciation, Nova launcher sure is a proven name.

Some of the reviews (as put by the app on its PlayStore page):

For my money, Nova Launcher is the best of the AOSP-style launchers available in Android. – Android Police

Nova Launcher has some very capable hands behind it – Phandroid

Our favorite is Nova Launcher, which strikes a great perfect balance between incredible performance and high customizability without getting too gimmicky and difficult to use – Lifehacker

Chock full of features you won’t find in the stock launcher and comes highly recommended – Android Central

What’s new in Version 6.0?

Nova launcher 6.0 was released in mid-2018 with a lot of cool and new features making it a more customizable and refreshing experience for the users. The 6.0 version offers a new settings menu layout with more adaptive icons which are now available in the launcher with different shapes.

nova launcher prime apk 2019

How to Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk?

Nova launcher is easily available on the Google Play App Store which can be downloaded very simply. While at first, you will get the basic free version of Nova launcher (which is in itself enough to surpass a lot of its competitors!!), you can get the prime version for just Rs.99 and with the amount of customization provided in the app, it is worth the money.

Well, if you are unable to pay any amount due to any reasons like you don’t have an Internation Card then no worries. You can still download Nova Launcher prime version for free using the link provided by us. All you need to simply click on the link given here and downloading process will begin shortly. After that, you need to install the application for further use.

Steps to Install Nova Launcher Prime Apk:

If you are downloading the application from Google Play Store then there is no need of installing the application as it gets automatically installing after downloading. But, if you have downloaded the app from our website then just follow the simple steps given here to install the application on your Android smartphone.

  • Firstly, open the downloads folder and tap on the downloaded  Nova Launcher Prime Apk file.
  • Now, click on the Install option and the installation process will be started soon.

nova launcher prime apk

  • Wait for few movements till it finishes installing the application.
  • Once the application gets installed, you may launch the application by clicking on the “Done” option.

nova launcher installed

Nova launcher vs. Pixel launcher

Another prominent launcher in the market at the moment is the pixel launcher which is an update to the previous Google Now launcher with some more and prominent features to give a competition to Nova Launcher.

⇒ Customization:

The pixel launcher does not come with as many as customizable options as Nova but is well known for being light and easy to use. It uses the same android app drawer and folder icons but has a widget (At a glance) which shows some information like weather, appointments, important dates etc.

Suggestions are also provided at the top of the drawer and the size of the icon is also customizable.

On the other hand, Nova launcher lets the user do all the above while also giving out its own drawers and app icons which are highly customizable. The background behind the folders can also be set by the user.

⇒ Easier to Use

Nova launcher is smooth. One of its main qualities is that even after adding a lot of widgets on the home screen, the launcher does not lag and works smoothly and efficiently. Nova, as already mentioned allows the restoring of backup settings, thus lessening the headache if you have to format your phone!!

On the other hand, the pixel launcher is easy to use and the iconic swipe up gesture provides Google search at the fingertips.

⇒ Design and UI

Nova is fairly easy to use and is very well designed with a light and dark themed mode which can be used adjusting to the need of your eyes. Dark theme customization is not available in the pixel launcher. Thus, Nova proves better in this section.

If you want a highly customizable launcher experience then Nova launcher is your need but if you need a launcher just to enhance the over the stock Android experience then Pixel can be used.

Though the looks of pixel launcher can also be easily applied by using customization settings in the Nova Launcher.

Pros and Cons of Nova Launcher Prime

nova launcher prime apk

Unlike other applications, this app has lots of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s the quick distribution of Pros and Cons of the Nova Prime Launcher.


  • The launcher is highly customizable giving the launcher an edge over its competitors.
  • The features and User Interface is friendly and very easy to learn.
  • The launcher provides many features even in the basic free version and only to increase the customizability experience one needs to upgrade to the prime version.
  • Provides fluent performance even after having a lot of content on the home screen.


  • The launcher does not provide frequent updates thus sometimes the app becomes monotonous.
  • A tutorial is much needed in the app as the app becomes a little terrifying for new users.
  • Uninstalling apps become a little difficult as long press delete is missing.

Final Words

Nova launcher is hands down one of the best launchers present out in the market as of now. Even after having above mentioned minor issues Nova launcher stands out amongst its competitors. For a user needing a highly customizable experience with the smooth performance overall, Nova launcher fulfills all such needs.

However, if one is satisfied by the features of the basic free version of the app then Nova prime is not mandatory to be bought. Nova Launcher Prime Apk is the upgrade for those users who need an even more customizable and smooth experience than the default stock android launcher.

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