Interested in becoming an Orbit Assets member but need a little more information before taking the leap? This review has the answers! Learn more about the pros, cons, and nitty-gritty details below.


  • Versatile investment options for every budget and risk parameter
  • Convenient and efficient controls designed to make trading easier
  • Attractive user interface with well-designed, high-performing tools
  • Customizable account settings
  • Reasonable costs
  • Plenty of learning materials available for beginners
  • Mobile app for market monitoring on the move


  • Unavailable in some locations
  • The Mobile version needs a little further development

What Does the Platform Do?

Orbit Assets is no one-trick-pony. It has a lot to offer, with flexible systems and varied features and functions.

Investing in Stocks and Bonds

The core of the platform is stock trading and investing. Orbit Assets offers its users access to hundreds of potential investments across dozens of industries in companies of all shapes and sizes. Finding shares to fit every portfolio, budget, and risk appetite is simply a case of looking and exploring through the Orbit Assets platform.

FOREX and Crypto Trading

Currency exchange is a fast-paced and exciting market- be it international fiat currency or cryptocurrency. Orbit Assets does both, and it does them both well. It has pre-set pairings with live value trackers and up-to-date trend information. Other tools include algorithms, strategic planners, built-in exchange options, and professional insights.

Data Tracking and Reporting

A huge part of successful investing s knowing how to read market data and interpret it to make intelligent speculations. Luckily, Orbit Assets makes this easier with its advanced reporting tools with customizable settings and adjustable parameters. The more a person explores Orbit Assets’ analytical capabilities, the more benefits they can discover!

Educational Support and Skill Building

Everyone has to start somewhere, and Orbit Assets is a pretty good choice for first-time digital traders. It has an excellent learning library with tutorials and training to help people find their footing and get off to the best possible start on their journeys.

Costs and Fees

New members can choose a price plan from several options. The entry-level has the lowest monthly cost but has higher commissions and fewer stock options. Move up a level and commissions come down, and more possibilities are introduced. Lastly, the premium subscription carries no restrictions and no additional costs, which is the best option for someone who does a lot of trading through the platform.

Customer Service

Customer service is available 24/7 through various channels. The fastest response is via email during standard business hours.

Mobile Access

There is a mobile version of Orbit Assets, but it is still under development to add more features and bring it up to the high standard of the desktop platform. Right now, it is excellent for keeping track of live movements and managing basic account details, but some displays are a little less efficient, and not all functions are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can users withdraw funds from their Orbit Assets accounts?

Yes, they can. Funds can be withdrawn at any time to either a bank account or a digital wallet. The cost depends on the subscription type, but all fees are minimal and on par with industry standards.

Is Orbit Assets safe to use?

From a privacy and security standpoint, Orbit Assets is very safe. All the protocols and encryptions are highly professional and adhere to strict industry standards. The affiliated brokers are fully licensed and respected professionals. There is always a risk involved with any investment, and Orbit Assets encourages users to trade within their parameters and use the tools provided to make the best possible decisions.

Do Orbit Assets work internationally?

It does, but there are some limitations in certain countries and regions. See the terms and conditions for details.

How can I use Orbit Assets on my smartphone?

The Orbit Assets mobile app is available via the PlayStore and App Store for Android and Apple smartphones. It is free to download, then users can log in with their Orbit Assets credentials. Each account can only use one device at a time, so log out of the desktop before trying to use the mobile version.

The Bottom Line

Orbit Assets is sophisticated, supportive, and full of opportunity. It comes highly recommended by users, so why not check out the official website for more information about becoming a member?

Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content.

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