Robust MBA Admission Consultancy with Experts’ Global

 The process of applying to an MBA program requires the student to take care of myriad aspects. Further, the Admissions Committee looks into specifics while selecting profiles to the program and it is not possible for the MBA aspirant to be aware of these particulars. It is to avoid such hidden pitfalls that the students seek expert guidance in applying to MBA programs.

Experts’ Global’s MBA admission consultancy practice is based on 360-understanding of the admission process, which is integral to gaining admission to the most elite b-schools in the world.

End to End Admission Consulting

Experts’ Global provides end-to-end admission consulting. Thus the MBA aspirant receives guidance on all aspects of the MBA admission consulting including resume-writing, school-shortlisting, interview preparation, etc.

School Shortlisting

MBA-program shortlisting can be an extremely overwhelming task for the MBA aspirant. While several MBA programs are available, the student must be able to take into account a multitude of factors in deciding upon the perfect program to apply to. The team of highly experienced mentors at Experts’ Global can ably take into account the numerous factors ranging from preferences, financial feasibility, scholarship opportunities to location and opportunities, etc. and suggest the perfect list of schools for you.

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Interview Training

The interview training program at Experts’ Global commences the moment the applications are sent out. In keeping with their detailed and organized approach to tasks, the firm has astutely designed the MBA interview training regime to ensure maximum effectiveness. Thus, the process begins with a set of video essays that acclimatize the student to the admission interview fundamentals. In the next stage, the student answers a list of 30 most commonly asked MBA interview questions. The responses to this questionnaire help the interview mentor understand how much the student has been able to absorb from the video instructions. Accordingly, the interview mentor conducts a series of mock interview sessions, interspersed with clear feedbacks. 

Clear Feedback

The Experts’ Global team practices a no-nonsense style of coaching. Thus, they provide the student with clear feedback at every step of the consulting process. This helps the student to understand his/her own specific weaknesses and improve the same. Although such honest feedbacks may sting a bit at first, students remain grateful for how the feedbacks help them improve in the long run.

Theme Building

Experts’ Global understands that a strong application essay is one that tells a story. Hence, the essay-writing team works closely with the students to develop astute themes that efficiently link their experiences and career goals to form one compelling narrative, worthy of candidacy.

Well Defined Application Process

Experts’ Global has streamlined the entire application process into a series of milestones that are to be tracked and fulfilled by the students and the mentors. This is extremely important as the variegated requirements of an application process can easily overwhelm a student. The system of milestones followed at Experts’ Global ensures that the student takes one step at a time and duly completes the process.

Rich Content

The Experts’ Global MBA admissions consulting program equips you with a thorough video essay series that explain each and every aspect of the application process such as school-shortlisting, resume-building, etc. This also empowers the student to complete the process independently, should they so desire. 

Team Quality

The Experts’ Global MBA admissions consulting practice is formed of a robust team of highly motivated and exceptionally skilled mentors. This team is thoroughly acquainted with the nuances of the MBA admission process and has the particulars of the admission process of several MBA programs on their fingertips. The teams are also extremely organized which makes it incredibly easy to remain in touch with them.

Guiding Principle

Experts’ Global follows the principle of maintaining the student-teacher relationship. Thus, they see their “clients” as students and places themselves as teachers, responsible for the success of their students.

Experts’ Global adopts a well-constructed and disciplined approach to efficiently tackle the MBA admission process, a highly complex and often counterintuitive process. Needless to say, the Experts’ Global’s MBA admissions consulting practice is the preferred choice for thousands of MBA aspirants.

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