Those who play games online must be familiar with Discord, a VoIP chatting app that is available for desktops and mobile phones. The app helps the gamers to chat with other players smoothly and coordinate better in the game. 

The chatting feature has been developed a lot which helps the gamers to use discord as a primary messaging app too. The discord’s system tracks down the game you are playing and the display’s it as your game status in discord. Your friends can either view this manually or through steam. 

There’s also an option to add custom game statuses which is a convenient way to let your friends know about your gaming activity. You can also add comments on your status messages. All of this might be complicated for you at first but we have penned down the methods that you can follow and learn how to change game status in discord. 

change your game status in discord

How does discord’s gaming status work? 

Discord has a database of all the verified games on play store, Microsoft store, app store, and various other stores. Therefore, if you open any of those verified game, it would show up in your task manager, that’s when discord’s system will capture the file name and update your game status automatically. 

For instance, if you have launched Minecraft on your PC, discord will detect it from the task manager and update your game status on its own. Cool, isn’t it? 

But the real issue is, not every game you play is verified on discord and that’s where the actual problem kicks in. These games won’t show up in your game status but there are still some methods to do so, in the section of the post we will learn how to change your game status in discord. 

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How to change Game status in Discord? 

There are 4 status options to choose from in discord, namely: 

  • Online 
  • Idle 
  • Do not disturb 
  • Invisible 

This status is not related to your gaming activity in any way, it is kind of similar to your Facebook’s bio or WhatsApp’s profile status. 

In order to change your profile status, 

  • Click on your Discord avatar.
  • Select any of the statuses that you want. 
  • You can also set a custom status and set its expiry. 

change your game status in discord

Setting Up your Game Status in Discord 

As aforementioned, discord’s game status is automatically set according to your gaming activity. Most of the verified games are set up as status, but games that are not available in the database of discord and are not verified have to be set as status manually. 

Sadly, there no straightforward way to edit unverified games but there is one method to do so, here is what you need to do: 

  • Launch the unverified game and let it open in the background.  
  • Open discord > user settings. 
  • On the left menu, select games and add it on the right. 
  • Now, manually add the games from the list. 
  • And type in the status you want to, in the message box. 

Following these instructions will let you set the custom status for unverified games and stays on your profile for as long as the game is running on your device. Upon shutting down the game, the status will be automatically removed by the system. 

Also, if you want to hide your status of the current game, go to display currently running game as a status message and turn it off. 

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How to change verified game status in discord? 

A user has no control over the verified game in discord, the discord’s system keeps tracking the running process on your device and set the status of the game it finds in the task manager. But there is a crack for this by adding another program on your status. 

Just in case you are playing PUBG and don’t want your girlfriend to know about it, you can add up an unverified game or app as your gaming status and fool around with your discord friends.  

While other apps might be heavy and cause lags on your device while opened simultaneously with a heavy game like PUBG, Minecraft, Fortnite, we recommend you to install NotePad++ and minimize the program, open discord and let it detect Notepad, and set it as your gaming status. 

That’s a wrap 

Summing down everything, discord has become a lifesaving software for gamers who play multiplayer games like CSGO, PUBG and fortnite and need to maintain communication with the team members. The VoIP is powerful and stable enough. 

All of these features in discord are for free, you can also video chat with your friends on discord. In this article, we explained the methods on how to change game status in discord. Additionally, we also penned down a trick to hide your current game status from your friends.

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