It is a given fact that video has taken over as the most preferred type of online content. Video has gone on to become the most impactful channel for brand communication. With the growth of video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, it has become easier for individual marketers to consistently publish and share content.

But with easy access comes intense competition among brands to get the audience’s attention through video marketing. One of the primary ways of getting discovered online is by incorporating SEO into video marketing. This write-up seeks to explain to readers how to capture new audiences by combining video marketing and SEO.

By incorporating SEO into video marketing, a brand gets uplifted in two ways – builds inbound links and improves conversions. Both are extremely important from the business point of view, with the former improving SERP visibility and the latter impacting the bottom line. Here are rules or tips for video marketing governed by SEO techniques that could tilt the balance of influence towards your brand. Let’s look at the rules on how to improve video marketing with SEO one-by-one:

  • Introductory/ Explainer Videos: Not all businesses would have a product to sell; there are many service-oriented businesses too. The best thing a service-based company can do is to incorporate an explainer video on its home page. It helps improve traffic and also increases the ”dwell time” (time spent by a visitor on a website).It is an indication that is given special consideration by Google algorithms. More dwell time equals better ranking on search results because it directly signals to Google that the website’s content is relevant and engaging. It is a shot in the arm for the SEO of the website.

    An effective way to make a video is through a slideshow maker, which could include a series of photographs that can capture the brand’s essence and equally captivate the audience. Don’t know where to make such videos? Visit here and start creating your content videos.

  • Mobile Optimization: Presently, mobile devices have taken over desktops as the device most used to access the internet. Hence, a brand must realize the importance of mobile responsive design. With the roll-out of Google’s mobile-first initiative, it has become all more important as Google has started giving more importance & weightage to websites that cater to mobile devices. This has a direct bearing on the online visibility of the website on search results. This again is a factor that can accomplish your goals of video marketing that is governed by SEO.
  • Metadata: You must be familiar with how the meta title and meta description plays a critical role in optimizing a website for search. In the same manner, search engines examine title, description, and associated tags related to a video to understand its content. It then decides on the ranking of the video on Google and YouTube search. For this to happen effectively, it is suggested that brands include targeted keywords in both titles and descriptions for better results on ranking.
  • Video Site Map: As a brand, it is considered a good idea to have videos on your website. But, publishing a large number of videos and hoping to rank them on Google might be a tad challenging. The way around this is to create a video sitemap on the website, giving clarity to Google crawlers about pages having videos and the focus of the content
  • Share Video Content across Multiple Channels: If you are regularly producing videos with InVideo, it is a good idea to share them on the various marketing channels such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Initially, you would have to gauge what kind of content gets the most traction and shift your video strategy to accommodate the audience’s taste. Once you are in tune with their preferences, ensure to share videos on all major social platforms as it will help generate shares that would directly translate to backlinks. A substantial number of backlinks can make your brand authoritative in Google’s eyes, impacting your SEO.
  • Transcribe the Video: Until now, Google bots can’t actually understand the content of a video to decide on ranking on search results. But, if you want to influence the Google bot legitimately, it can be a practical idea to transcribe the video, allowing the bots to understand the video’s content. This will improve your chances as a brand to rank better on SERP.
  • Put Out an Engaging Thumbnail: This one is not directly related to Google but has more to do with influencing audience choice when watching a video. Regardless of the position on search, the audience would prefer to watch a video purely based on their preferences. This allows the brand to influence their choice with an aesthetically done thumbnail that would stand out from the rest of the videos. Such visibility can improve “views” on video-sharing platforms to draw in more users to watch your videos.With improving technologies, brands are thinking innovatively, and one such improvement is the invitation maker that allows the creation of dynamic invitation cards for an event or a product launch. These can be promoted on video-sharing platforms with an attractive thumbnail to bring in the audience.
  • Encourage People to Subscribe: Talking about video sharing platforms and YouTube figures prominently within the whole context. So if you are a brand serious about improving rankings on YouTube & Google search, you must request and encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel. Google takes this factor quite seriously in deciding ranking on search because more subscribers mean there is a regular audience, making you more relevant on the channel.
  • Edit Your File Name: This is one of the easiest of video optimization techniques out there. Instead of letting your video file represent a bunch of numbers, you can rename the raw video file to reflect the video title or the focus keyword. This will allow YouTube to understand what the video is about helping SEO.


Video sharing platforms are not meant only for celebrities and influencers; you can also be a part of the tribe that can influence people through video content. The only criteria being, you should know the rules on how to get visibility on the channel. Incorporating SEO techniques into your video marketing can significantly improve your chances of getting noticed on video channels. Besides this, the primary factor that brings you attention is informative, relevant, and meaningful video content.

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