All of us have grown up playing video games, and most of you would agree with me that nothing can beat the classic consoles and handheld devices. It brings the childhood chills and the good, old days back especially if you are a 90’s kid! Those golden days are gone but the good news is, you can still play those games using some Safe ROM Sites!

Yes, you heard it right.

Questions like, Is Romsmania Safe, Is Coolrom or Portalrooms Safe, Is Gamulator safe, and what is best from websites is one such; which every one of us is usually confused upon!

And the Solution is Rom Websites!

Even though you won’t be able to get the old consoles back you can definitely play those games again on your device. The Rom sites let you play the long-forgotten video games. Just find the right ROM site and then install your favourite game and play using the emulator.

Best Safest ROM Sites 2021

There are various ROM sites available on the Internet. And so the main task is to find the safest option. Clicking on any untrusted site might lead you to unwanted pages or harm your system. So we have tried to bring The Best ROM Sites that still work available on the Internet from which you can download ROMs for your games.

RomsPedia – Best and Free ROM Download Site

Download ROMs and emulators have never been easier. We’d like to present Romspedia, the safest place to download retro console games from the Internet.

The website offers modern design, simple architecture and is extremely safe to use. Unlike all other ROM websites, they offer direct downloads without shady ads or malicious software bundles.

They offer emulators for almost all devices. Whatever you are on your Android or Apple phone device; Windows, Linux or Mac PC you will be able to find an emulator at Romspedia.

Gamulator Rom – Is Gamulator Safe?

One of the newer generation ROM and emulator download website is Gamulator. The most interesting part is that they expand their games list regularly. You will find ROMs for all kinds of consoles that you have used till now.

Gamulator takes care of the safety of your download by providing both direct and manger based download option. You can make use of the tags and category feature to browse through the various ROMs available.

The website is structured well and sorted, so you can easily get the desired ROMs to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Isn’t it the definition of perfect and safe ROM sites?

Romsmania – One of the Best Rom Website | Is Romsmania Safe


What is RomsMania? About RomsMania

Romsmania , as the name suggests is full of ROMs. It hosts a huge number of emulators and games that you can easily download. You can even search for a particular ROM using the search box, which is also present on the site.

Can be visited from the official website which is, some of the most common and widely used consoles in Romsmania are Gameboy Advance, Super Nintendo, Nintendo DS, MAME etc. You can easily download those roms and emulators from the website itself – with just one click.

If you had a question of ‘Is Romsmania Safe?’ Then read to know the answer.

Many people ask the question- Is Romsmania safe?

Yes, it is.

It lets you know more about the ROM with the help of their download and console-like pages. It is undoubtedly one of the best ROM sites for downloading.

Rom Hustler – Another Best ROM Site of 2021

Using the name of the console or with the help of a keyword, you can find the ROM. The ROM Hustler, as the name suggests keeps your device away from viruses and malware, while fulfilling all your requirements efficiently. You can get the desired ROM here, as it is known to be the best for providing both emulators and ROMs on the Internet.

The emulators and ROMs available here are based mostly on customer ratings and votes. So don’t worry about what you will be getting.

Retrostic – One of The Safest ROM Sites

Guys, if you are a retro fan then check this site out. At Retrostic you can get ROMs of GBAs along with other emulators like SNES, NDS, and N64. By looking at the names you would have guessed that it is one of the best sites to look out for retro products. It hosts an extensive database of retro ROMs.

This site will take you to the old days, because as you browse you will come across titles that you used to play in your childhood. There are a lot of ROMS and retro games, without any fake download links and misleading ads. The website is super safe and all the files that it hosts are legit.

Cool ROM – Is CoolRom Safe?

Another safe option to download ROMs is Cool ROM. This website hosts safe links that are easy to use. Once you visit the site, you will feel that finding the best ROM won’t be difficult. You will find above a thousand games and emulators, and definitely your choice of ROM.

There is a screenshot for every game and so you can get a little info about the game before downloading it. Also, it doesn’t mislead you through ads, so you don’t have to worry about that as well. Therefore, it is one of the safe ROM sites to use on your device.

Vimm’s Lair – Is Vimm’s Lair safe | Safe ROM Sites 2021

Vimm’s Lair has to be on the top spot for most of the users. It is a dedicated website that works to provide users with classic emulators and ROMs. The website is running strong for 18 years and more now.  If you are looking for the classic systems, then visit this website because it is known to host the best ROMs.

Is Vimm’s Lair Safe – What is vimm’s lair Virus?

Yes, Vimm’s Lair is absolutely safe and you need not worry about it all. You will find almost all game titles in its vast collection.

The ROMs on the website are sorted properly, so you can search and find them easily using the search and sorting options. It is one of the most used ROM sites on the Internet today.

Dope ROMs – Is Dope Roms Safe?

Another good option to download ROMs from a safe website is Dope ROM. It is an interactive website that provides lots of emulators and games files. Using emulators you can install these ROMs easily on your device.

So, just visit the website and browse the huge collection of thousands of ROMs. It is a super easy website and I’m sure you will be able to find the ROM easily. You can make use of the search box as well.

ROM World – One of the Best ROM Website

Another leading and safe ROM site where for your various games you will definitely find ROMs is the ROM World. It is totally clean and so you can check out this website to download ROMs for any video game that you like. Also, you won’t be misled with any annoying links or ads.

The website also hosts legit content making your download free and easy. It’s a great option for you to download game ROMs and emulators without worrying about viruses or malware.

RomUlation – Earn and Spend via points on this ROM Site

When compared with the previous ones, you will find this site more exciting but a bit complex. And the problem that some of the users don’t like is that the files cannot be downloaded for free. The website works on the point system.

So as you will register with RomUlation, you will receive 10,000 points, which you can spend as and when required. Following this as you will upload games or data, you will receive points. Sounds like a great exchange?

And if you become a regular participant you can earn 5 points every day. You can also become a Premium participant with a little investment.


The last website for ROM is the Emuparadise. It has an excellent collection of ROMs. It hosts legit links, and so you can download any game emulator or ROM that you like. And for sites like this finding, your favorite game title won’t be that difficult.

Just use the Search box and look out for your game. As lots of ROM sites are available out there providing fake links, this site is just simple and legit in its functionality. So if you want to download games and emulators without any complications then do check out this website.

Some More Safe Rom Sites for 2021

Here is a complete list of safe ROM sites that offer a safe and easy installation.

Wrapping Up – Best and Safe ROM Websites

You can download your desired video game ROMs using any of the above mentioned ROM sites. While some of these are safe, others are less reputable and offer corrupted ROM files. However, we would suggest you go with one of these ROM sites that we have reviewed to protect yourself from the viruses and malware that these unsafe sites bring.

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