Listening to music has been the best medicine for all and has become a part of our lifestyle. This drug has impacted our lives, and one is ready to hear music in almost all situations. If you are happy, depressed, or want to relax, simply turn on the music of your choice, and it works like a pill. It lifts our mood and has something to relate to. And now, with technology making its way with music, it is possible to listen to online music as well. You get so many websites that let you access your favorite music online anytime and anywhere. And many such unblocked music sites always work for you. 

There are several reasons why some schools or colleges block the music sites keeping in mind the content. Sometimes the availability of certain violent content makes these sites inaccessible. But there are still unblocked music sites that let you listen to music and are easy to search and available for free to download.

25+ unblocked music sites that always works

So here are some of the best 25+ unblocked music sites that always work and let you enjoy music for free.

PureVolume – Best Unblocked Music Site


unblocked music sites

You ask, Is Purevolume Unblocked?

Oh, yes! Purevolume is unblocked.

One of the best-unblocked music sites is PureVolume, where you can essentially find all kinds of music. There are different genres of music available here, including old-time and classic tracks loved by all generations. The website is always up to date and includes all the latest releases as well. 

The site has a clean interface as you can search for your favorite track, album, events, or artists using its search icon. You can get access to the site from anywhere. If you want to have a party like rock music, then Purevolume is the right place for you as you will get here all your preferred music.

Google Music – Popular Unblocked Music Site


Music unblocked sites - Google play music

The next favorite site to listen to unblocked music is Google Music. This is the product of Google and thus is an exceptionally user-friendly and free site to use. You get almost all the songs and albums here.  

Google Music is also available as a paid subscription starting from $99.99/month. The subscription lets you get rid of commercials and even unlock some third-party apps. It also unlocks some advanced and premium features. But with a free subscription also you can enjoy free music. 

It also has a free app for a faster and better experience. But, the web version also works fine.



Grooveshark is the best unblocked music site

Grooveshark is another best-unblocked music site to listen to your free music. You can listen to your tracks without signing up. It has many exciting features like it lets you search for the song or the artists. You can listen to all the songs on the web version. 

Additionally, it also lets you download the songs to listen to them later while offline. To do so, visit their website, enter the name of the song/artist you want to hear, and start enjoying. To download the music, click on the button. Also, create the playlist for your tracks so that the process can be simple and straightforward next time you want to listen to specific music.



slacker is the best unblocked music site

You get millions of songs to listen to on Slacker. It is a free website rather than a free internet radio site that streams thousands of addictive and exciting tracks. The site is very user-friendly. Visit the homepage of the website, and you will find their free stations to stream radios from.  

The site also offers the paid version to stream music, although the free account is also worth using but provides some limited number of internet radio. As per ratings and feedback, this one is a great site to enjoy music. 

To listen to music, select the genre type. You will get the details of the particular music with a picture of the artist. Now click on the Play button to start the streaming.

Soundzabound – Educational Unblocked Music Site


Soundzabound website is envisioned for educational purposes or, in short, for students. It has got Royalty-free music for students to use songs for both work-related and entertainment purposes. 

The website primarily provides a wide variety of unblocked music to groove your feet on. Since it is designed for educational purposes, it has nothing illegal to access. Therefore you can enjoy clean music whenever and where ever you want to listen to it.



saavn - unblocked music sites

Saavn is an Indian-based unblocked music site owned by Reliance Industries. And the site is available throughout the world. It hosts Bollywood songs, but you will find other genres as well. 

The best thing about Saavn is that it provides the artists with the radio. Like if you are searching for some song, you can, along with the song, get access to their official Radio channel on the Saavn website. The firewalls do not block the site, so you get your tracks and radio online.



tunein - best unblocked music site

TuneIn provides a varied collection of songs for all types of users. It is more of a freemium service since it is available both in free and paid versions. With its paid subscription, you can unblock some additional features of the website. But you can even enjoy your favorite music for free as well. 

You get zillions of songs to choose from, and unlimited songs are available for both subscribers. It offers internet radio. To access the internet radio, pick up the region you are in at the moment, and the radio options have a lot of regions and languages to get the suggestions. 

Their collection is vast, and they also have their app. So, you can download the app to stream music. Users get a great and fully-featured media controller.



AccuRadio is one of the best music unblocked sites

To stream music on AccuRadio, you do not have to create an account on the website. Visit the website and click on the radio channel available for to latest songs and albums. It has free internet Radio with tons of stations so you get access to music from different genres to play on your favorite channels.

The best part is that the website hosts different skins available. You can change the old and the usual-looking layout. The quality of the music is also good, so one can stay up to date with these unblocked music sites.

Other 25+ unblocked music sites that always works

  1. PureVolume
  2. Google Music
  3. Grooveshark
  4. Slacker
  5. Soundzabound
  6. Saavn
  7. TuneIn
  8. AccuRadio
  9. Hungama
  10. CCTRAX
  11. Free Music Archive
  12. IncusTunes
  13. Dash Radio
  14. Deezer
  15. Heart
  16. Musiclive
  17. Deezer
  18. Tracks
  19. AudioMack
  20. Live 365
  21. Spotify
  22. Bluebeat
  23. Digital Revolution Radio

Wrapping Up!

These mentioned above- 25+ unblocked music sites are the ones that always work when you are looking to refresh your mind by listening to music. They all offer unblocked music content to enjoy.

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