No doubt Kodi is everything that you want while it comes to watching online content. But sometimes Kodi gives you error messages, shows buffering, and gets crashed and other problems. And if this is the case, then Indigo Kodi addon is a push for you. Indigo Kodi Addon is basically all in one diagnostic tool that repairs and keeps your Kodi in the perfect place. It helps in keeping your unofficial Kodi addons when it comes to configure Kodi automatically, or manually pick or choose the desired Kodi addons.

And the leader of the package of addons is Indigo Kodi addon. So in this guide, I will tell you features of Indigo and how to install Indigo Kodi Addon on PC.

What is Indigo Kodi Addon?

Indigo Addon is a very famous Kodi addon that comes with a variety of features that makes your streaming experience better. Its features are not only limited to what usual Kodi does for you can do a lot using Indigo. You can even use Indigo Kodi addon to browse and install other Kodi by directly using GitHub.

Features of Indigo Kodi Addon

Indigo is capable of performing a lot of actions. And so it’s some of the popular features are mentioned here.

Config Wizard

This feature automatically installs some of the most popular Kodi add-ons, including YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Vice, and others. This is especially useful if you are new to Kodi and do not yet have any addons.

Addon Installer

One of the best features that come with this addon is that it helps you install your favorite addon. It gives you access to hundreds of other add-ons through an app store style menu. You can classify them into different categories as Featured Add-ons, Video Add-ons, Audio Add-ons, Program Add-ons, Kodi Skins, and much more. Using this feature you need not add a new source and repo each time you install a new addon.

Maintenance Tools

Maintenance Tools feature comes as a set of diagnostic and repair tools for your Kodi. Using its menu, you can delete thumbnails, packages, crash logs, and the textures13.db file, clear your Kodi’s cache, wipe addons, Disable Malicious Scripts Blocker, force update addons, install custom keymaps, and other actions smoothly.

Network Speed Test

In case your Kodi is not working properly then it may be due to slow connection speed that is unable to stream high-resolution video. Network speed test feature will help you in testing this problem. You can use it for checking the speed for playing a video and even check the buffering time. You get some speed options to check the network speed such as 100 kb, 1 Mb, 10 Mb, 100 Mb, 1 Gb, and 5 Gb.

System Information

The System Information contains a complete detail about the system file like Version, System Time, Gateway, Local IP, External IP, DNS, Network, Disc Space, Free Memory, Resolution, and Python Version. System information will let you find the information about your Kodi device like Kodi version number, how much disk space your device has, the resolution, etc.

Rejuvenate Kodi

Use this feature to wipe out the current configuration of Kodi and run Config Wizard.

Factory Restore

Rejuvenating Kodi might not always be an option for you to fix the Kodi issues. In that case, the Factory Restore feature of Indigo lets you reset Kodi. This will delete all your addons and configuration data, leaving you with a “blank” Kodi.

How to Install Indigo Kodi Addon?

Well here is the simplest way that you can follow to install Indigo addon on your device. Follow the below-given instructions.

Step 1- Go to Kodi to open its homepage.

Step 2- Click on the gear icon on the left and open System Settings.

Step 3- Click on the Folder icon to access File Manager.

Step 4- Tap on Add source option.

Step 5- Click on <None> in the ‘Add file source’ dialog to enter a custom location.

Step 6- Type in the following web address – Then press Enter.

Step 7- In the ‘Edit file source’ dialog box look for the field that says, ‘Enter a name for this media source’. Type in a name for the repository, ‘Indigo (Fusion) Repo’. Then click on the OK.

Step 8- You will land back to the File Manager to confirm your changes have been saved. Look the folder representing the repository you just added.

You have now successfully added the Indigo repo and now all you have to do is install this repo.

Step 9- From the Kodi Home Screen, click on the Add-ons menu to the left.

Step 10- Click on ‘Packages Icon’. And then on ‘Install from zip file’.

Step 11- Click on ‘Indigo (Fusion) Repository’, Tap on begin here.

Step 12- Click on the plugin zip file. Here you will find it as ‘’.

Step 13- Click on the ‘Install from zip file‘. Once it is done, you’ll see a pop up notification in the top-right corner that the add-on has been installed.

Step 14- From the Kodi Home Screen, click on the Add-ons menu again.

Step 15- Click on the Indigo menu item.

Step 16- You will find several dialog boxes pop up initializing the add-on. Allow it to run.

Finally, click on open to access Indigo addon.


One could easily consider Indigo Kodi Addon as a remarkable add-on among other program addons. Its features make it stand out in the crowd while its useful tools maintain your Kodi in an optimal status. So simply follow the steps and in any doubt don’t forget to comment.

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