Are you facing problems with Kodi maintenance? Looking for the latest Kodi maintenance tools or add-ons to solve your problems? Good news for you, Kodi media centre now supports more than a thousand official add-ons. The growth in numbers is majorly due to the expansion of Kodi from “just a media service” to “a complete entertainment hub“.

Kodi offers something from the platter for everyone— computer users, a tablet consumer, a smartphone user or a smart TV owner! These tools or add-ons will help you in managing Kodi in an efficient manner and saves the users from a lot of trouble. Plus, it will clean all the cache, maintain Kodi libraries and serves as a one software destination for many services!

Best Kodi Maintainence Tools

So, here we have compiled a list of the best Kodi maintenance tools. This list of relevant add-ons not only increases the efficiency but also widens the spectrum of fun things you can do with Kodi.

1. Backup Addon — Backup and Restore Kodi Tool

The first tool on our list is Backup Addon. It is a must-have Kodi maintenance tool that offers a smooth interface to the user and allows them to save all their existing add-ons and repositories data if in any of the cases the user is forced to reset Kodi.

list best Kodi maintenance tools 2018

For all the users who face system failures frequently getting a Kodi backup addon for safety is a necessary thing. The add-on is user-friendly and simple to use.

It provides the user with multiple choices to backup i.e., they can backup either a certain number of selected elements such as their profiles, artwork and settings or choose backup for all of their data.

The complete backed-up settings can be applied to a network file sharing system or a USB device— no more multiple steps for doing the same thing! One will find, that the backup addon usually takes a few minutes for the whole procedure. Later on, whenever a person opts for a clean install of Kodi addon, same backed-up settings are restored.

Installation Guide

Step:1 Open Kodi.

Step:2 Go to your add-on browser.

Step:3 Select Install from Repository and choose the Official Kodi Repository.

Step:4 Click on program add-ons.

Step:5 Find Backup add-on and install.

Step:6 Open Backup and use it as required.

Or, you can install this addon manually by downloading and installing the zip file from

2. USB-SDCard Wizard

When it comes to backing up Kodi, we have another handy option too, called USB-SDCard Wizard.

This add-on allows the users to back up essential information and data such as saved favourites, GUI settings and installed add-ons directly to the USB stick. It allows the user to select the destination source the users would like Kodi to save the backup file to. It also helps in sharing the copy of favourite Kodi build with a friend, thus increases connectivity and sharing!

list best Kodi maintenance tools 2018
USB-SDCard Wizard

Installation Guide

Step 1: Open the add-on browser.

Step 2: Select install from repository.

Step 3: Choose the Official Kodi Repository.

Step 4: Select program add-ons.

Step 5: Find the USB-SDCard Wizard addon > Install.

or, you can manually download the zip file from

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3. RockCrusher Cleaner

The next tool in our list is RockCrusher cleaner. It is a simple to use maintenance tool that comes with a huge range of features. This tool offers features like clearing cache, deleting thumbnails, purge packages and options for the updates.

It is an amazing addon for all the users who are searching for a simple maintenance tool that provides a lot of options.

list best Kodi maintenance tools 2018
RockCrusher Cleaner

Installation Guide

Step 1: Go to Kodi System.

Step 2: Click on File Manager.

Step 3: Select add Source option and double click on <none>.

Step 4: Please enter the RockCrusher URL

Step 5: Select add-ons > Click on the small package icon.

Step 6: Choose install from zip file and install the RockCrusher repo.

Step 7: Now, move the cursor to add-on browser > Select install from repository > Choose the RockCrusher repo > Select program add-ons > scroll down to find Rock Crusher Maintenance

Step 8: Install it.

4. Maintenance Tool – A Comprehensive Toolkit for Kodi Maintenance

The fourth tool on our list is ‘Maintenance Tool‘.

The maintenance tool is a complete Kodi maintenance toolkit that allows the users to perform any desired task.

Based on the choice and need of the users, this toolkit can be used for back-up, restore, managing system tweaks and perform configuration actions that weren’t accessible with the standard Kodi GUI. It also helps in boosting the performance by clearing the Kodi cache and reducing the video buffering time.

list best Kodi maintenance tools 2018
Maintenance Tool

This tool comes with a complete set of tutorial videos. These videos are easily accessible and can be downloaded or watched online giving complete information about how to use the maintenance tool for improving the Kodi home theatre software. The addon is listed and can be easily downloaded from;O=D

5. cdART Manager

The next add-on in our list is a bliss for all the music lovers. cdART Manager is one of the easiest Kodi maintenance tools that allow the users to manage the music library easily and arranging songs as per the music taste. If you’re a Kodi user and frequently face problem in managing the music library, then cdART Manager definitely works for you.

list best Kodi maintenance tools 2018
cdART Manager

Installation Guide

Step 1: Download cdART Manager Plugin File from

Step 2: Save the plugin on your system.

Step 3: Open Kodi > Choose Add-ons.

Step 4: Select Box-icon > Install from Zip File.

Step 5: Upload or navigate the plugin file that was downloaded in Step 1.

Step 6: Finally, the installation process is complete.

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6. Log Viewer for Kodi – Precise Removal of Kodi

Log Viewer for Kodi is a much-needed Kodi maintenance tool which helps in finding the issues and errors that leads to slow, progress depreciating and bandwidth-eating Kodi software suite.

Log Viewer is based on a simple working process i.e., let the users view Kodi log files, allow them to navigate through the files in the folder and itself works on the diagnosis issue. The whole process of solving the issue can be done with the click of a single button. This is a maintenance tool that will actually find the bugs, work on them and fix the issues itself so that the user never encounters a broadcast breakdown like situation.

list best Kodi maintenance tools 2018
Log Viewer for Kodi – Precise Removal of Kodi

Installation Guide

Step 1: Launch Kodi > Select Add-ons menu > Click on Package Installer icon

Step 2: Select Install from the repository.

Step 3: Search Kodi add-ons repository from the list.

Step 4: Go to Program add-ons > Search and select Log Viewer on Kodi.

Step 5: Install the package.

or you can download the package from

7. EZ Maintenance+ Tool

The next addon in our list of Kodi maintenance tools is EZ Maintenance+.

This is one of the best Kodi maintenance tools for Kodi in 2019. It is placed in the dimitrology repository. This tool helps in clearing cache, thumbnails and packages with a single click. This tool also comes with a fresh start option which allows the user to refresh Kodi settings and start again.

It even comes with a wizard creating option that helps in restoring or backing up of the setup. It also comes with other options like maintenance, advance setting/buffer size, log viewer/uploader, speed test and settings. It is one of the simplest options for all the users and is definitely a must try!

list best Kodi maintenance tools 2018
EZ Maintenance+ Tool

Installation Guide

Step 1) Navigate from Home Screen to Settings

Step 2) Click File Manager > Add Source > Select None.

Step 3)  Enter the following Address:

Step 4) Enter the name for the media source, schism.

Step 5) Return to Home Screen > Select Add-ons.

Step 6) Click the Package Installer icon.

Step 7) Select install from zip file.

Step 8) Click schism > Select .

Step 9) Schism TV Add-ons Repository notification pops up on the screen.

Step 10) Choose Install from repository.

Step 11) Select Program Add-ons.

Step 12)  Click EZ Maintenance+> Install.

8. Community Portal

This add-on definitely belongs to the category of informative Kodi maintenance tools. Community portal provides the user with information on the newest add-ons. It also helps in educating the Kodi users on the popular add-ons along with displaying their total number of downloads in the history.

list best Kodi maintenance tools-2018
Community Portal

Installation Guide

This add-on is based on Noobs and Nerds repository. On installing Noobs and Nerds repository, the installation process of this add-on is simple.

Step 1: Once the Noobs and Nerds repository is installed, navigate to Program Add-ons.

Noobs and Nerds repo can be downloaded from

Step 2: Choose Community Portal from the list.

Step 3: Click install.

9. Kodi Portal

Kodi Portal is one of the most essential Kodi Maintenance Tools.

It is a program add-on which helps the user in installing many popular add-ons. This tool also helps in clearing cache simultaneously. Just like Kodi Wizard, it also helps the users to get Kodi Skins and Kodi extensions according to their preferences and choices.

list best Kodi maintenance tools 2018
Kodi Portal

Installation Guide

This add-on is based on Ares Project Repository. Once this repository is installed, the installation process for Kodi Portal is simple.

Step 1: After installing Ares Project, go to program Add-ons.

You can directly download the zip file from

Step 2: Select Kodi Portal

Step 3: Click Install.

10. Fresh Start Maintenance Tool

Last but not the least, the fresh start is one of the most utilized Kodi maintenance tools. It is the most convenient and the easiest way to factory reset the Kodi player.

If in any of the cases, you’re stuck with Kodi add-ons mixed-up and looking forward to discarding them, then this tool is a “one-way solution”!

It will uninstall all the added add-ons, Kodi skins and configuration settings and provide you with “Back to Basics” Kodi.

list best Kodi maintenance tools 2018
Fresh Start Maintenance Tool

Installation Guide

Step 1: Open Kodi.

Step 2: Click on the Settings icon on top menu > Select File Manager.

Step 3: Double click Add Source > Add the repo URL

Step 4: Click on ‘None’ option > Select OK > Type the repository name > Select OK.

Step 5: Navigate back to Kodi Main Menu > Then add-ons > Install from Zip File option.

Step 6: Select Cyphers Lockers > Click on Cypherslockers

Step 7: Install from Repository > Cyphers Lockers > Program Add-ons > Choose Fresh Start

Step 8: Click Install.

Final Words

These Kodi maintenance tools will definitely make the use of platform easier. Not only it simplifies the Kodi but also helps in managing the Kodi.

Install them all and make your Kodi experience better and easier.

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