Many times, whenever a Kodi error occurs, it says, “Check the Log for More Information“. But do you know how to check Log file on Kodi? Do you know where to locate Kodi Log file in Linux, Windows, MacOs?? And do you know What is the need of error log file in Kodi? Error log file is important in knowing the information specific to error, which allows a user to find more relevant and accurate solution for the error popped up.

Kodi is a media player used by millions around the globe. While using Kodi, you may come face to face with some errors that don’t go away easily.

You try and seek help from others may be a Kodi expert or you may contact the Kodi official forums. In this step by step guide, you will learn how to check log on Kodi. Firstly, you need to learn how to manually find the error log file that is residing on your device storage.

How to Check Kodi Log Manually

Kodi log file can be located manually by following a few simple steps. A log file is nothing but a text file containing errors or the changes your Kodi device had. You can open it using any text editor or viewer such as notepad.

You will have to manually locate the folder on your device storage where the log file resides. The path to the folder varies with different devices. In case, you are not able to find the log file on your device, then you can also use the Kodi log file uploader add-on. Listed below are few locations where the log file may reside on different devices.

Check Kodi Log File on Windows

To check Kodi Log file on windows, follow the steps mentioned below for easy access to the log file on your device using windows.

  1. Go to the Windows Drive ( usually it is C drive )
  2. Go to Users
  3. Click on {username}
  4. Click on AppData
  5. Click to open Packages
  6. Open XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p file
  7. Open Local Cache
  8. Click on Roaming
  9. Click on Kodi
  10. You will find the log file within the Kodi file named as ‘Kodi.log’

Locate Kodi Log on Mac

A mac user can find the log file at the following location given below.

  1. Go to the Users
  2. Click on {username}
  3. Open Library
  4. Click on Application Support
  5. Open Kodi
  6. You will find the log file within the Kodi file named as ‘Kodi.log’

Find Kodi Log location on Android

Android users can follow the steps below to find the log file on their devices.

  1. Go to the Device Storage
  2. Click on Android Data
  3. Open the org.xbmc.kodi file
  4. Click to open files
  5. Open the .kodi file
  6. Click on temp
  7. You will find the log file within the temp, named as ‘kodi.log’

However, for Android users, it is important to note that the log file is hidden that is the “.kodi” file is hidden. The Android users are recommended to unhide the file first in order to access it. The file manager apps on every Android device have an option to unhide the hidden files and folders in the settings. You can easily unhide the hidden files by simply accessing setting and then going to the display settings (for users using ES File Explorer ).

Kodi Log

Check Kodi Log on iOS

Users using an iPhone can also access the log file on their devices by using the below-mentioned path to where the log file resides.

  1. Go to the Private
  2. Open var
  3. Click on the mobile option
  4. Open Library
  5. Click on the Preferences
  6. Open Kodi
  7. You will locate log file named by kodi.log under the kodi option.

How to Find Kodi Log File on Linux

The users who work on Linux operating system can check the log file by using the below-mentioned path.

  1. Open the Kodi Root folder
  2. Click to open the .kodi file
  3. You will locate the log file named by kodi.log under the .Kodi file.

How to Check Kodi Log on Fire Stick

You can now check the log file on FireStick using your file manager. ES file explorer can be used to find the Kodi log file saved on the FireStick storage.

  • How to install ES File Explorer on FireStick
  • FireStick home screen > select search icon and type in ES File Explorer > Select ES File Explorer > install the app.

Kodi Log

  • Open ‘Your Apps & Games’ > Run the ES file explorer > open Settings.

Kodi Log

  • Click on ‘Display Settings’

Kodi Log

  • Click on ‘Show hidden files’ and enable the same by clicking the box next to it

Kodi Log

  • Return back to the ES File Explorer home screen. Long press the ‘Local’ option on the left column > click the second ‘Home’ option (as shown in the screenshot below ).

Kodi Log

  • Click to open the Android folder

Kodi Log

  • Click Data > open org.xbmc.kodi file > click to open files > choose temp. You will locate the ‘kodi.log’ file here.

Kodi Log

View Kodi Log with ‘Log Viewer for Kodi’ Add-on

A Kodi add-on named as ‘Log Viewer for Kodi’ can be used to locate the log file if you are unable to locate the log file on your device storage. This add-on will help you view the log files from within the Kodi, without you having to look up for the folder.

The Log Viewer for Kodi is easily available in the official Kodi Add-on repository. Below mentioned is a step by step guide on how to install the Log Viewer for Kodi add-on.

Step 1. Click on the ‘Add-ons’ option on the Kodi home-screen.

Kodi Log

Step 2. click the open box icon called as Package Installer.

Kodi Log

Step 3. Click the ‘Install from repository’

Kodi Log

Step 4. Click the Kodi Add-on Repository

Kodi Log

Step 5. Select the ‘Program add-ons’ option

Kodi Log

Step 6. Select the ‘Log Viewer for Kodi’ add-on

Kodi Log

Step 7. Hit the ‘Install’ button to install Kodi Log Viewer add-on.

Kodi Log

Step 8. Wait until the add-on is installed. It will take around 30 to 60 seconds. When the installation is complete, a notification will pop up.

Kodi Log

Step 9. Return back to the Kodi home screen > click on Add-ons > click on Program Add-ons. You will now be able to locate the ‘Log Viewer for Kodi’ add-on among other program add-ons. Click Log Viewer to open the add-on.

Kodi Log

Step 10. Three options will be displayed – Show Log, Show old Log, and Settings. The most recent logs can be viewed in the ‘Show Log’ section. Latest Kodi logs and the errors you might face can be viewed through the Show log option.

Kodi Log

The older logs can also be viewed under the ‘Show old log section’.

Log display can be customized and some of the settings can also be tweaked using the ‘Settings’ section.

Let’s start with opening the ‘Show Log’

Step 11. The above screenshot shows how your Kodi log will look like. The logs are sorted by older first. If you are looking for recent logs then you will have to scroll down to bottom. But, the view option can be changed as per your preference and you can view the most recent first and then the older logs.

Kodi Log

Step 12. Run Log Viewer for Kodi > open ‘Settings’

Kodi Log

Step 13. Settings section will look like the screenshot given below. You can change them as per your preference that which log you want to view first. Enabling the ‘Invert Log that is most recent first’ will display the most recent logs and similarly from newer to older.

By enabling the ‘invert log’ option will also enable the ‘Number of lines to show’. A user can view all the lines displayed or can choose the number you want.

Kodi Log

So that’s how you can view the logFile on Kodi.

Usually, you don’t have to check the Log file regularly. However, whenever an error occurs on Your KODI, it says “Check the Log for More Information” and that’s because most of the details including the cause of the error are written on the log file. By checking the log, you can troubleshoot and fix the error faster.

We have shown you various method to locate, check and open the log file. It is recommended that you use the add-on to view the log file as the addon makes it easier to find the log. The manual methods work as well but it may be complicated for non-techy persons. Anyways, you know the method now. If you still face an issue, comment below and your KodiBuddy will help you fix it.

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