Are you facing error on your Kodi? A lot of users are reporting of an error called pair or Streamango authorization error. This article will help you Fix Streamango Pair Kodi Error by following simple steps.

Streamango is one of the most popular Kodi add-ons. it is one of those file hosts that is reliable, consistent and the oldest add-on in the running to offer its viewers unlimited content including movies, TV shows, sports, cartoons, documentaries and much more. You will find this video add-on in almost all repositories.

What is Streamango Pair?

All Kodi users are aware of Streamango. It is one of the most popular and consistent Kodi Add-on that offers unlimited movies and TV shows. You can stream any content from any part of the world with this amazing add-on for Kodi. However, due to its high popularity, the traffic on this website is very high. And so the developers came up with the new mechanism where you will have to pair your Kodi device with the host server. Once you do it, you can enjoy the content effortlessly and stream from reliable hosts for free.

But as this pairing step is confined only to the Streamango add-on the users tend to get confused. As a result, while streaming content on it, they get an error like or Streamango authorization error. If you too can see the error saying “pair your device”, then don’t worry, because we have got you covered.

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How to Fix Error on Kodi?

By pairing your Kodi device with the server you can fix pair error. Here is the complete guide to troubleshooting authorization issues with Streamango Kodi add-on.

Step 1- You would be having your Kodi add-on already installed on the device. Now just open the app, and go to the show that you wish to watch.

Step 2- Now wait till the show loads and it displays different servers that you can opt for surfing he chosen content. After the server loads some of the best surfing options, you will see Streamango as one of them.

Step 3- Click on Streamango. Soon an error message saying “pair with Streamango/stream authorization required” will pop-up.

Step 4- Well, pairing is an easy step which will take only a few minutes. Open the official site by typing the following URL in the address bar-

This site will allow you to pair and stream your favorite content hosted by Streamango. This process will work on all kinds of platforms including Kodi.

Step 5- At the home page of the website you will see “Pair your device to stream Streamango with 3rdparty applications” written. Also, there will be a Re-Captcha box just click on the “I am not a robot” checkbox and click at Pair option to pair your device.

Step 6- Wait for a few seconds after clicking on the pair button. Soon you will get the message of a successful pairing.

That’s it. The host server is successfully paired with your device, so you can enjoy unlimited content without any problem

Note- After pairing the host server with any device, the content will only be accessible for the next 4 hours. And so if you want to stream any movie or TV show after 4 hours then you will have to pair it again. But if you do not pair your device with the server, you will not be able to stream movies or TV shows. Therefore, if you wish to watch movies online, and ditch the TV cable it is recommended that you pair with the server.

What if Streamango Pair is not Working?

There are certain chances that even after pairing with the host server of the source, the Streamango pair is not working. If you are also stuck at such a situation then here are some tips that we would recommend you to follow. Just follow the given steps and check if the server is responding or not.

  1. In case you are getting an error message or your site is not loading, then there is a chance that the ISP is blocked. In such a situation use a VPN, as it will mask your IP, and also remove the geographical restrictions if applied.
  2. Try some other host server like OpenLoad and check if you can stream the link.
  3. Finally, if none of the above methods work, and you are still facing any issue, then try this method. It might be possible that Kodi is interrupting the pairing process. Follow this short procedure and check the Settings.

Step 1- From the Home Page, click on Add-ons. Then find Exodus and right click on it.

Step 2- Open the settings. And click on Playback.

Step 3- Now turn the Hosters with captcha option off. Click ok.

Is safe?

The pairing of Streamango with the respective host server is completely safe. As the pairing process involves just the registration of the IP address of the Kodi device, you can go ahead with pair or pair for that matter. It’s just like making an entry in the register. This pairing of the providers with your IP enables complete access.

However pairing with is certainly not safe since we all are aware that Kodi mainly uses copyrighted material like TV shows, movies, cartoons and sports offered by various other sources without taking prior permissions. It is an illegal process and can lead to copyright infringement issues. And so if you are residing in an area where Internet illegality is treated with strict actions, then accessing and streaming such data can be avoided. Thus, if this is the case we would advise you to masks your IP address and location with a VPN. By using a VPN you can easily stream content for free on

Wrapping Up

Streamango is known to offer TV shows, movies, and a lot more content in a simple manner and for free. And so they definitely deserve some revenue to keep their servers in sunning condition. Streamango pairing is the most sensible and simplest way to contribute and so we would advise you to go ahead with Streamango pair if you stream most of the content from there.

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