The global gaming industry has been continuously growing for a while and is expected to grow even further in the years to come. With such importance being given on a global scale, some countries sought to get on this train by helping the public better understand their own country’s gambling market. Such is the case in Sweden where four of the largest Swedish gaming operators came together to create a website with the objective to increase awareness and provide easier access to statistics and facts related to the gambling market.

BOS and Four Swedish Game Operators

The website ‘Fakta om Spel’, literally translated to “Facts about Gambling”, was first announced in June. The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (Branschföreningen för Onlinespel) is working hand in hand with these four firms that are William Hill, Betsson, LeoVegas and Kindred Group to increase knowledge about the Swedish gaming industry for all. Through such a powerful partnership and the launch of this website, this dream is something that is now becoming a reality.

William Hill CEO, Ulrik Bengtsson, through the social networking service Twitter, talked about the collaboration between William Hill and the other three firms whilst announcing the creation and launch of Fakta om Spel with the aim to increase awareness with regard to the Swedish gambling market. But what exactly is the general public being made aware of and why is this such a relevant topic?

Information Found in the Website

Statistics and facts related to the regulated gambling industry will be available on for all to see. Through this, all involved seek the interest and collaboration of bettors with the aim to incite an ‘open and free debate about the gambling market’.

This was stated by Gustaf Hoffstedt, Secretary General of BOS. The need for such a website probably arises due to ‘knowledge of the Swedish gaming market’ being quite low as noted by BOS and leading to numerous misconceptions. There are loads of mistaken beliefs with regard to gambling, such as the way in which the sector is regulated, the requirements that a license necessitates in order to be issued, and about general market developments overall.

Fakta om Spel provides a detailed breakdown of the verticals present in Swedish gambling, dealing with sports betting, lotteries, poker, casino games and game bonuses. In addition, key statistics such as sales, channelization rates, the money being directed to unregulated operators and the market share of verticals are also outlined on the web page. Other information can be found such as updates on the industry’s media investments, turnover and gambling tax. One may note the huge contributions to public funds carried out by gaming companies with a Swedish license amounting to SEK 5.2 billion.

The website is described as an ‘information bank’ containing details about the development and dynamics of the Swedish gaming market. This includes information about the gaming industry, current research, information on a wide array of games, statistics related to both marketing and taxes and other insights and reports on the Swedish gambling industry.

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Active Gaming Companies

More than a hundred gaming companies are currently active and fully licensed in Sweden. From the latter, Fakta om Spel states that 70 companies are approved for betting or online gaming. Huge sales were recorded by these operators, reaching the heights of SEK 24.7 billion in 2020 with a decrease of SEK 0.1 billion from the record set in 2019. These statistics were revealed by the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate.

With a better knowledge of the industry and the different options the general public has at its disposal, one can better navigate through the Internet and find out options that could be beneficial. An interested player may easily find more information when it comes to betting online through sites such as Sweden’s leading betting tips page,, where detailed information is given with regard to online betting that can help you have a fantastic gambling experience.

The Gambling Market Inquiry

However, one should mention that gambling in Sweden has been under the line of fire in recent years. The country’s regulatory framework was thoroughly examined and scrutinised by the government, which increases pressure on a market that was properly established in 2018.

Anna-Lena Sörenson, a member of the Social Democratic Workers’ Party of Sweden, oversaw a number of proposals for changes through the ‘Gambling Market Inquiry’ in 2020. This included a tighter control on gambling activities and even on gambling advertising, limiting the time where such advertisement could be carried out.

The dissolution of the government hindered these plans and raised questions with regard to the way the gambling industry is seen in terms of politics. The Covid-19 pandemic added an extra hurdle, both economically and politically. However, the aforementioned gambling operators and BOS are committed to displaying the Swedish gambling market in a positive light. Through this web page, they seek to correct any misconceptions that the public, industries, government and legislators overall may have towards this ever-growing gaming industry.

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