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Social networks have fundamentally changed the lives of many people on this planet. Especially at the beginning, when the first networks emerged, social media was something very special. You could exchange ideas with like-minded people and keep in touch. With steady growth and increasing awareness of some platforms, people around the world were able to exchange ideas with one another at any time. If you had family and friends abroad, you could let them participate in your own life, for example. Also, now, during social distancing and lockdowns, social media has brought people closer. Of course, no one should overuse social media; if you feel you need a break from it, take one. Try something else, read that book you bought but never read, finally watch that old classic movie you have always wanted to watch, try your luck at casino NetBet or perhaps take an online cooking class?

MySpace or StudiVZ are just two of the social networks that were relevant back then. In the meantime, however, the market has changed a lot. Facebook has remained as the big player and now unites Instagram, WhatsApp, and other brands under its roof in addition to its mother platform. Apart from this, there are also platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, or TikTok depending on the interests. For many, having one or more accounts in these networks means more than just sharing status messages and pictures. It is about looking as interesting as possible and at the same time reaching the largest possible number of people. A challenge that can be overcome much easier with a few apps.


Getting all accounts under one roof is anything but easy. Some platforms offer mutual networking. Often, however, this only works poorly and with gaps. Hootsuite offers the management of a total of four services under one roof. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can all be combined in the app. If the respective accounts are integrated into Hootsuite, in theory we no longer need any of the apps to be able to post. If a post is created, a separate bar can be used to select which accounts are to be used with the content. But Hootsuite does not just allow instant posting. Entries can also be scheduled for a later date. For example, if you want to maximize the reach of a tweet or Instagram post, you should post in the morning or at noon instead of at midnight. So that there is no mess, Hootsuite also gathers everything in a clear planner. There, entries with date and platform are recorded in a timeline. Mentions and the inbox of all accounts can also be accessed via a separate dashboard.

Hootsuite is available for free on iOS and Android.


Buffer’s social media manager also focuses on the simultaneous use of multiple platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are represented here. All accounts can be integrated into the app in next to no time. Several accounts on one platform may also be fed in. Postings can be created directly using the prominently placed plus button. Links, photos, and videos can also be integrated here as normal. The desired accounts can be selected or deselected with a fingertip via a menu that is always visible. Buffer also enables postings to be planned and automated. Each entry can be given the date and time. A time can even be selected individually under the accounts. Owners of a Twitter account can also schedule retweets to present them to their own followers at the best time. Buffer also provides analyses for every posting, which should enable a better assessment of reach and response.

Buffer is available for free on iOS and Android.


As the third member of the alliance of social media managers, Crowdfire is also the most networked. Not only Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be fed with the content here. Youtube, Etsy, Medium, and Vimeo can also be found in the long list. Crowdfire not only takes care of posting content but also brings it to you. Based on its own content, the app searches for potentially interesting articles and content for us and suggests them regularly. Favorite content can also be conveniently integrated via an RSS feature, which is clearly presented in the app. In addition, all posts can also be automatically placed or created as a simple template for later.

Growdfire is available for free on iOS and Android.


Who does not know it: You have just taken the perfect snapshot again that needs to be shared immediately with friends, family, or the whole world. The photo fits, the caption fits, there is only one place where many despairs. The hashtags. Which hashtags come under an image is almost more important for some than the actual content of the post. Because hashtags fulfill several functions. Not only the findability is increased. Some tell entire stories with their hashtags. If you do not want to expose yourself to this stress, you can consult HashMe. The app offers two types of search options for this. Using the classic text search, HashMe works in a similar way to a search engine. If we enter a term or hashtag in the search mask, we get 15 matching hashtags. But if you are looking for a surprise, you can also use the image search. Here the corresponding photo is simply loaded into the app from the posting. This then automatically picks out matching hashtags. All tags can then be copied and pasted directly into Instagram in one go. In order to appear even better in the search, HashMe also lists current trends.

HashMe is available for free on iOS and Android.

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