With tonnes of online slots and scratchcards games coming out all of the time, it’s often hard to keep up with the best ones. Sometimes a slot game that might be the one for you can slip under the net, and that is a bit of a sad thought.

But fear not! We have compiled a list of some of our favorite new online slot game releases for you to try. Of all the hundreds that have come out in the year 2020 so far, we believe that the ones in this article are the best.

What Makes a Good Online Slot Game?

When putting this list together, we considered quite the list of criteria so that we could make the most open judgment and not simply chuck slots in that appealed to us personally. For this reason, we feel like it’s got a fair mix of qualities throughout.

The qualities that we have looked at throughout these slots include the RTP, which stands for Return to Player. This is the average percentage of a player’s overall stakes in a slot that we can expect to be returned to them by the game. Naturally, the game has to make a little profit, but the lower the RTP, the more profit the game makes. The average RTP is about 96%, which means a dealer profit of 4%. Anything much less than that is a no go.

We also looked at graphics, as the visual elements of the game are very important. Bonus features which analyzed too, as a slot is rarely amazing without some cool bonus games or at least free spins thrown in there. We checked out the volatility of each game, meaning the balance between big wins and time waiting.

These criteria are important to look at when choosing your own slots to play as well so we recommend making a note of them for the future. 

What are the Best New Online Slot Games?

  • Drago Jewels of Fortune – developed by Pragmatic Play, this slot has some crazy cool graphics and you can win a massive 48,000x your stake while playing it.
  • Jewel Scarabs – sure, Red Tiger Gaming has developed a slot with an RTP slightly below average here but it is packed with slot bonuses and visually, it’s beautiful. Recommend.
  • Gold Cash Free Spins – Inspired Gaming has been reinventing some classics, and Gold Cash Free Spins is a classic indeed with some amazing new slot bonuses added to it now – it’s nostalgic and it’s excellent.

Where can I Play these New Online Slot Games?

These slot games are widely accessible across the market so you can pick them up in the majority of online casinos. Just make sure that a) the casino you find does have the right game and that b) you choose a casino with a good signup offer as you are going to want to cash in on some free spins or cash for signing up. Be savvy, players!

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