Google Maps is one of the most popular services on the Internet. In 2020, the service was used more than one billion times. Google Maps is very convenient for navigation. It brings access to detailed maps all around the world. It allows users to find locations and build routes in a few seconds.

This service has the view from a satellite, panorama shots, traffic reports in live time. Also, it allows building custom maps for all users. In the post below, you will discover why people create custom maps and how you can do it yourself.

Benefits of Custom Google Map Creation

The rich functionality of the Google Maps service can help find any location and build the best route to drive by car, bus, bike, or even walk to the desired place. However, the ability to create custom maps brings even more advantages. Scroll down below and learn more about them.

Custom Navigation

This feature’s main perk is that you can set an unlimited number of pointers to navigate to particular places fast and effortlessly. If you use the service to find the nearest takeaway coffee shops only, you don’t need to create custom maps.

However, if you visit a lot of different locations every day, a custom map can save you a bunch of time. For instance, being a student, you can create a custom map of the best libraries.

As a result, you won’t need to use the search bar to find a public library in your area every time you need to create a research paper. In case you remember your assignments when all libraries are closed, you may think, “Who can do my essay for me?”

To get your paper done fast and effortlessly, feel free to reach online essay writing platforms and order academic papers online.

Travel Guides

Going to a new city, you can explore it and mark places to visit on custom maps in advance. By downloading these maps, you will be able to navigate a new city even if you have no cellular data.


In case you want to share some top-places to visit in your city, you can create a custom map and share it on the Internet.

Multiple Location on Websites

As usual, the Google Map widget on websites allows specifying one location only to share it on a website. However, if you have a lot of stores or offices, you can share their locations by embedding a custom Google map on your site.

Steps To Create a Custom Google Map

The process of creating a custom google map is simple and straightforward. However, there are some jaw-dropping features. Let’s discover how to create a new map and highlight the most outstanding features.

Sing Up in your Google Account

Note all the maps are assigned to particular Google Accounts. Therefore, you need to sign up in your Google account to create a new map.

Create a New Map

Open the Google Maps service on your desktop and click on the menu bar in the top left corner. It has the form of a hamburger button. After this, click on ‘Your Places’ – ‘Maps’ – ‘Create a Map.’ Don’t forget to name it and add a description, if needed.

Configure It

At this stage, you can configure a map according to your requirements. The possibilities offered by the service are almost limitless.


For starters, you need to zoom the map to pick a particular area. You can add location pointers, choose their shapes with colors, and create routes between them. Routes can be custom, which is very convenient for creating travel guides.

Also, you can add different layers with points and routes to enable them when needed. For instance, if you’re a student, you can create a layer with cheap cafes in your city and bookmark a website with a SpeedyPaper discount code. Therefore, you will be able to delegate your assignments to professionals and hang out with your friends.

Save or Share

When your custom map is ready, you can close it as all changes are saved automatically.  However, you can also print it, embed it on a website, share it via email, or use a sharable link.

Interesting Fact about Google Maps

Google Maps keep a lot of data. More precisely, they operate 20 petabytes of data. It’s 21 million gigabytes of images, panorama views, custom maps, Google Street View data, etc.

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