Traveling with little ones can prove to be a challenge for most parents. Children have certain needs and can become cranky during airport transfers and long road trips, eventually turning what should be a fun experience into somewhat of an overwhelming or stressful one. That’s why we’ve put together some of the best tips for parents planning a staycation or overseas vacation to Dubai with their kids. Keep reading below to learn more.

Get to know the Dubai International Airport

The Dubai International Airport is massive and can be quite a maze if you don’t know it well! Take the time to get familiar with your surroundings, and avoid planning activities immediately after your arrival since getting through security checks and baggage claims can take a while. Additionally, plan for extra time when boarding your next plane so you can get the little ones ready for the flight without stressing about time constraints, baggage claims, and boarding the plane.

Save money where you can

Wherever possible, enquire about any special discounts for children so you can enjoy more bang for your buck. Dubai can be expensive, and having little ones along can make it even more pricey than you had anticipated! Many accommodation destinations and restaurants in Dubai offer special rates for kids below a certain age, which can save you on your travel expenses. Another helpful way to save money is to pre-book your flights, accommodation, excursions, and dining reservations. Opt for affordable accommodation, with Rove Hotels having lots of locations all over the city, interconnecting rooms for families with children, and even a plethora of games in public areas. Plus, tap into the TimeOut Dubai website to stay updated with the latest events and performances, whether it be for free or for a fee!

Prepare little ones ahead of time

While many children may like surprises, most don’t appreciate the ones that involve long travel distances! Be sure to prepare your kids for any long journeys ahead of time by sitting them down to explain the trip to Dubai and the itinerary as much as possible. With too many things going on all at once, it’s best to prepare them so they know what to expect and, in turn, lower any stress imposed on you as the parent.

Make pit stops

If you and your family are embarking on a road trip to Dubai from another Emirate, it helps to make a few pit stops along the way to break the rhythm and stretch your legs. Stop at a gas station along the way for some snacks and to use the bathroom. You can even enjoy a light lunch at a cafe or restaurant on the way to Dubai.

Visit a mall or amusement park

Dubai is revered for its malls being way more than just a mere shopping destination! Plan a fun family trip to The Dubai Mall and get the kids excited about the Olympic-sized ice rink, the underwater Dubai Aquarium, kids’ entertainment centers, and a greeting from the Dubai Dino, the 155-million-year-old dinosaur—all inside the mall itself!

Dubai is also highly popular for its amusement parks, so visit popular attractions like LEGOLAND Dubai, LEGOLAND Water Park, IMG Worlds of Adventure, and Dubai Parks and Resorts for the ultimate family day out.

Pack as little as possible

Avoid excess baggage that you’ll have to drag along with you by packing only what you need. Unlike a solo trip or a trip with just one other adult, traveling with kids usually means you have to cater for a few extra things like additional clothing or toys they may want to take along. Plus, you may surprise yourself with how much shopping you may end up doing while in Dubai! With souks, luxury malls, and bargain brands available at discounted rates around every turn, you may end up going home with more baggage than you arrived with.

Keep water and sunscreen on hand

Dubai is in the desert after all, and those scorching temperatures will make you faint (with the possibility of heat stroke!) if you don’t stay hydrated. Make sure that you and your kids have water on hand at all times, and ensure you invest in good-quality sunscreen to avoid sunburn while exploring the city. Also, grab your sun hats, sunglasses, and cool clothing, particularly when visiting during the hotter months.

Families can enjoy an exciting and memorable vacation to Dubai with little ones when planning accordingly and be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Make use of these helpful tips the next time you are planning a staycation or overseas getaway to Dubai with your children and ensure the most unforgettable time for everyone involved!

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