Red and Liz’s story is not over yet. The Blacklist is going strong, all thanks to the fast-paced direction, twists filled scripts and brilliant performances. And even when the Season 7 is presently running with a full swing, the fans are anticipating its return for Season 8. We have gathered all the information regarding The Blacklist season 8, its plot, trailer, release date and more.

According to NBC this crime drama is a signature series and so we can definitely expect an upcoming season.

Blacklist Season 8- Is it Getting Renewed?

It’s the second time in a row the show has got an early renewal. NBC announced The Blacklist Season 8 on its social media handle. The officials haven’t announced the exact air date yet, but the show is getting a renewal for sure.

Here is the tweet shared by The Blacklist.


The Blacklist Season 8- Release Date

The show took a mid-season hiatus in December 2019 and will be returning in March 2020. After the show witnesses its finale, we can expect a release date of the next season. Apart from the sixth season, all the Blacklist seasons aired either in September or October.

So even if we take a wild guess, the show might air in late September 2020.

Cast of The Blacklist- Who Will Return in Season 8?

Any show is incomplete without its core cast, and so in Season 8 of NBC’s crime drama, the lead actors will be reprising their roles. So James Spader will return as Raymond “Red” Reddington, Megan Bose will reprise her role as Liz Keen, along with Harry Lennix and Diego Klatenhoff. The presence of all these actors is kind of important for the success of the show.

Lastly, the main antagonist Katarina Rostova, will she also return for Season 8? We will be able to know it only when the season starts.

The Blacklist Trailer Season 8

It’s too early for the trailer of The Blacklist Season 8 to drop. But watch out for this space because we will update you with all the news as soon as possible.

The Blacklist Season 8- Plot Details

Right now the season is in the idle of Season 7 and so we cannot say much about the plot of the upcoming season. However, one main thing that will be present in the upcoming season is its consistent inner logic.

The truth of Raymond Reddington will be out. Is he Liz’s father? If we don’t get answers to all these questions, then we can expect it to be the storyline of Season 8. There are a lot of missing pieces of the riddle that the fans still need to know.

Wrapping Up

It’s good news for all Red and Liz’s fans. The Blacklist is getting renewed for a new season, and soon the filming and production will start. Stay tuned for further updates


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