Traveling has no age, but usually, we find the senior citizens staying back at home all the time, giving up all their hopes of traveling the world. But age should not restrict a wanderlust mind.

Are you someone who is planning out a leisure trip for your grandparents? Here are a few things that you need to consider while sending them for a leisure tour:

Choose the right part of the day for travel purposes

Late night and early morning flights may search you for some discounted offers. This may stand feasible for adults but not for senior citizens because they may not have the same amount of energy as youngsters and may tend to get exerted while traveling during odd hours.

Flights during the early afternoon or mid-mornings can be a feasible option instead.

Designate a family member to take care of the trip planning

Assigning the task of making the Glasgow hotel breaks reservations and other necessary bookings to a family member can prove to be of great help. They might not be tech-savvy enough to shoulder any such responsibilities that involve gadgets and online platforms.

Therefore, a family member who can take up all such tasks ranging right from doing the web check-in, reservations, itinerary planning, etc., can make their trip a lot easier.

Pack their medications

While sending the senior citizens for a trip, make sure that they have kept all their necessary medications at the first point. This will save them from the chap of searching for the same in the new place.

Also, ensure that they keep the medications in their hand luggage and not the check-in bags so that they can have access to their medicines at any point in time. And, in the worst case, if at all their baggage is offloaded due to any reason; they still have their essential staples in hand.

Plan the itinerary accordingly

It may be easy for a youngster to cover ten to fifteen sightseeing places in a day. But the same doesn’t stand reasonable for senior citizens. Hence, always chalk out an itinerary taking into account the age and energy level of the traveler to help them cope with the travel stress.

Also, include a few breaks in between so that they can have enough snacks and sigh a bit of relief after traveling continuously for hours.

Consider booking non-stop flights

It can be a challenging task for senior citizens to get down at an airport and board a new flight all over again. Also, there arises a chance of missing the flight connection in case of previous sector delays.

Consider booking non-stop flights for them so that they can straightaway reach their final destination without much fuss and reduced travel time.


So the next time you plan to send your parents or grandparents for a vacation, remember these golden rules to make their trip a lot more relaxing and comfortable. Do you have more such ideas in mind? Do let us know!

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