There have been many people tasked with coming up with ideas that could increase cricket audiences from all over the world. Many short forms of cricket have been created throughout the years. Users can bet online now with 1xBet website on all these variations of the game. Some of these short forms include:

  • Twenty20;
  • T10;
  • and also, 100-ball cricket.

The more traditional forms of the game can last many days. It has been difficult to convince the new generations to be engaged in these matches for all the period they last. That’s the main reason for the creation of these new forms of the game. By being with the 1xBet website, people can make an online bet now on many cricket matches of lots of different kinds.

Some concepts behind this form of cricket

In matches of this kind of cricket, each team only has a single innings. Also, as the name of the game implies, each innings is limited to 100 balls in total. This means that the games are between 2 and 3 hours long. The website 1xBet – verified online cricket betting in India, has lots of options for wagering on these games.

The 100 balls that compose each innings are divided in 10 overs of 10 balls each. Also, it was established that no bowler could throw more than 20 balls during an innings. In other aspects of the game, the rules tend to be quite similar to the ones shown by other forms of cricket. The platform to make verified online cricket betting, which is 1xBet India, offers a pleasant experience and a highly convenient website.

History of this form of cricket

100-ball cricket is a relatively new creation. The England and Wales Cricket Board was the first organization that came up with the idea of creating this form of the game in 2016. This entity is also responsible for many other matches that are at 1xBet – best live bets, which offers convenient chances for people from all over the world.

After setting up the main rules of this new variation of cricket, the ECB delivered the final version of the rules during 2018. There were trials of this kind of cricket which were made in several cricket clubs across England. In these trials it was seen that people had a pretty positive opinion about this variation of the game. Because of it, it was decided to create the first 100-ball cricket professional competition.

This championship is called The Hundred and appeared in 2021. It is possible to make the best live bets on this competition at 1xBet, where visitors can also delight themselves with the thrilling odds.

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