The Goldbergs is an adorable family that is entertaining its audience for seven seasons now. Each and every member is different in their own form. From Beverly to Adam, the characters give you a touch of nostalgia. There are about three episodes that have aired in January, and with this next episode, all the audience are getting excited to know about the story.

The next episode of The Goldbergs titled “Preventa Mode” will air on Wednesday, 12th February. Check out the post for some spoilers.

The Goldbergs Season 7 Episode 13 Recap

In the previous week, The Goldbergs Season 7 Episode 12 titled “Geoff the Pleaser” aired, wherein the JTP house is in shambles. As the name suggests Geoff the pleaser of the JTP house becomes the home manager. Everyone knows that Geoff can never say no to anyone and has the inherent inability to please everyone. But will it help Geoff or put him into trouble?

Also, Adam will be questioning out of all the career paths filmmaking as an option. At the same time, the other Adam returns from Los Angeles and makes his point that entering and becoming successful in Hollywood is not easy.

The Goldbergs S07E14-“Preventa Mode” Spoilers

In the upcoming episode of The Goldbergs titled “Preventa Mode,” something is going on in between Erica and her brother Barry. Erica is suspicious about something when she and her brother Barry get similar grades in class. And so when she digs into the matter she discovers something fascinating about her brother.  

At the same time, Beverly will be helping Adam with his dance for Valentine’s Day. The upcoming episodes might have something in store for Adam on the romantic front, with the new girl.

Wrapping Up

The Goldbergs Season 7 Episode 14 titled “Preventa Mode” will air on 12th February, at 8 PM ET on ABC. Don’t forget to tune in for drama, romance and a lot of fun.

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