A brand new episode of The Good Doctor titled “Sex and Death” will air on 27th January. But what happened last week? The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 12 titled “Mutations” has wrapped up and it was all about treating some severe cases. While the hospital and medical parts were at its peak, Shaun and Carly worked towards their intimacy.

Want to know more, then here is the complete written update about the episode “Mutations” and a little sneak peek into the upcoming episode.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 12 Written Update

In the recent episode of The Good Doctor, Claire and Melendez treat a teenager who has two problems, one that he is suffering from kidney cancer and the second that he wants to go to the prom with his girlfriend, Angie. Unfortunately, she too has cancer, which is a Stage 3 brain tumor. While Angie too wants to go to the prom with Ryan, Melendez recommends surgery along with radiation/chemo and that going out would be dangerous.

Angie is depressed that Ryan didn’t come to see her, unaware of the fact that her mother has stopped him from meeting her daughter. Between all the issues, Ryan and Angie have a prom date in a hospital room. The two have a great time, but later she has a seizure during surgery and dies.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 12 “Mutations” Recap

Shaun and Morgan attend a runner who has severe swelling in his leg. According to the patient he needs to run, to keep his depression under control. And so during the exploratory surgery, the doctor suspects cancer. Shaun meets Carly and asks her to run some tests on the patient. She further reports about a rare genetic disorder that needs to be treated as early as possible, otherwise, he could die.

The situation seems to be tensed, but Shaun is excited and happy to be working with Carly. James’ girlfriend visits him. Morgan, on the other hand, is not well and feels nauseate. Dr. Glassman advises her to eat solid food and refuse to change her medication. He feels that she will be fine if she follows her order.

The Good Doctor Season 3- Shaun and Carly Gets Intimate

In the previous episode, Shaun and Carly finally get over their intimacy issues and go a step further than usual. However, Shaun stops before sex, which obviously upsets Carly. And before they can discuss anything about this, Shaun gets a page about James and leaves.

Everything doesn’t seem to be good between the two, majorly because Shaun went with Lea to Wyoming.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 13 Spoilers

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 13 titled “Sex and Death” is going to be as intense as it sounds. From the past few episodes, Shaun and Carly’s intimacy issues have been in the spotlight. But according to the teaser released, they are finally going to take their relationship a step further.

They are going to share a significant moment in their relationship, taking their intimacy to another level. After so long, they are finally going to do the deed, and so the episode is going to be a rollercoaster of emotions and romance.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 13- Morgan Confronts Her Mother

In the upcoming episode of The Good Doctor, a terminal cancer patient will arrive. Dr. Shauna and Morgan will be attending the patient, who doesn’t want any kind of filters in the last few months that are left.

Also, Morgan will be enjoying a great screen space after a long time. Her mother will be seen taking a third opinion from Dr. Glassman. And so as she visits the hospital, Dr. Morgan will have to confront her and solve the issues. As the two don’t share a smooth relationship, in the coming episode some pretty important questions on the family line will be answered.

Wrapping Up

So guys, get ready as the next episode will have some dramatic, romantic and emotional scenes as the story unfurls. The episode “Sex and Death” will air on 27 January on ABC.

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