There is never an end to the excitement of every mobile gamer to complete the game and collect all of the coins, gems, skins or crates. Also, there are a lot of limitations in a game that decreases the gaming experience by popping up an after every stage or a pop-up of the sale on a gems or coins bundle. 

To bypass these limitations Game hacking apps are something we would definitely need. In this article, we will be listing down the 10 best game hacker apps. Make sure you stick to the article and choose the most suitable game hacking app for your device. 

10 Best Game Hacker Apps for Android 

You must be aware that there are two types of games: Offline games & Online games. The offline games are those games that download the game files on your device storage and does not require and further contacts with the server other than purchases or support.  

Best Game Hacker Apps
Best Game Hacker Apps

While online games are those games that can be played with friends by inviting them or random matchmaking games such as PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, etc. These games require continues connection with the server and there are very few chances of hacking server-side games. 

Moreover, the app that is mentioned in the list might not take over the server-side games but the offline games can be easily hacked to get unlimited coins, gems, crates or anything else. You can use these apps on some of the widely played games like the Subway surfer, Mini Militia, Shadow fight and a lot more. 

#1. Lucky Patcher

lucky patcher

When it comes to patching and modding, Lucky patcher is the first app that comes across someone’s mind. One of the most downloaded and used apps, Lucky Patcher, allows you to get rid of ads, unlock collectibles, remove reload, unlimited ammunition and much more. However, Lucky patcher works on both rooted and non-rooted devices but if your device has root privileges you will get some more benefits from the app. 

  Download Lucky Patcher

#2. SB Game hacker 

sb game hacker

SB Game Hacker is another really popular hacking app among gamers who like to have more freedom towards their Apps and Games. It allows the users to hack into the system of any games to increase the points and scores easily. You can also use the SB Game Hacker Apk to Modify the system of any games for Unlimited resources of Golds, Coins, Money and much more. 

Another game hacker application for android in the list, SB Game hacker immensely gained popularity among the game modders because of its stability and amazing features. SB game hacker allows you to sneak into the system of any games and increase the scores, no. Of collectibles easily. It is very easy to modify game files using SB Game Hacker apk. 

   SB Game Hacker

#3. Game Guardian 

game guardian

Game guardian is another famous and best game hacker app on this list so far. It offers a lot of options such as speed hacks, searching for unknown values, etc. The game guardian supports both x86 and x64 bit devices and has an amazing user interface. 

To use the game guardian on your device, you need to allow it root privileges that are only possible after rooting your device. Once installed, you can hack games to increase the coins, gems and much more. 

 #4. Creehack  

creehack apk

Creehack is another complete Android Apps and Games hacker tool. You will love it if you are into hacking. 

Creehack is an android game hacker utility that can hack most of the online and offline android games. With Creehack, you can alter the codes of an app or game to get unlimited coins, gems, scores and much more. You can easily bypass the developer’s security for its app and change the preset values according to your requirements.  

Creehack is an opensource application therefore, you can download and use it without any fee. This application also needs to have root access on your phone. In case you haven’t rooted your device yet then make sure to read our Android rooting without PC guide. 

#5. GameCih

gamecih apk

Another well-known game hacker application GameCih is again an open-source and free Android application that gives you permission to dig into any app or game and make changes in its values. With GameCih, you can easily change the values of both offline and online games. 

However, the only thing that can bother you is the root requirement. GamerCih requires root access to work and for that, you need to root your device which is completely you’re your decision. 

If you wish to root, GameCih is definitely a great choice otherwise you can pick any other Game hacker app from our list. 

#6. Freedom Apk

freedom apk

Freedom apk allows you to make in-game purchases without paying anything. You can easily download and purchase a lot of paid stuff for free with Freedom apk. Freedom apk does require root access to make fake purchases, change the game values to alter the scores, points, etc. 

#7. XMod games

xmod games apk

Xmod games is basically a launcher that allows you to install the modded version of applications and enable cheats option in the games. Upon launching, you will be able to access the advanced settings within the game. 

Some of the in-game tasks such as raiding, collecting rewards, etc. can be done automatically. Xmod game is without a doubt the best way to hack any offline game. 

#8. HackerBot


There is always fear in our mind that downloading modded applications from various websites. Well, HackerBot does help you to unlock the premium features of many Android apps.

The best thing about this application is that it comes with an inbuilt search engine powered by Google. It gives you the results from various websites. It prevents you from harmful viruses and malware entering to your device.

#9. Game Killer

game killer

Game Killer is another best game hacking app which lets you cheat and modify the resources of many Android games. It comes along with many amazing features which lets you unlock many features which aren’t activated on any Android game or application.

With the help of this game hacking app, you can modify scores, coins, gems of any smartphones. Well, this application will not work with the games like PUBG, COC which run online.

#10 Leo Play Card

leo play card

Want to try Game Hacker App Without Root? If yes then this application should be considered as you won’t need root access for running this application on your phone.

This application lets you play many paid Android games for free. It also helps you to buy the resources of the games without paying. One more thing I liked about this game hacker no root app is that it is compatible with almost every Android application.

Final Words 

Hacking any android game seems a tough task but with game hacker applications, it has been made less complex and fast. You can use any of the above-mentioned game hacker applications to alter the game files and use your desired values.  

It is not illegal to mod a game until you are using it for your own self. The best game hacker apps mentioned above will not damage or steal the data of your device in any way. Feel free to drop any queries in the comment section. 

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