Over a period of time, Android devices have become a lot more powerful than they were before. However, this is for a normal user. But for an Android user like you and us, Android devices were already powerful enough because of the Superuser permissions. In this article, we will be listing down the best apps to root android without PC. We have also explained everything about rooting If you are new to the term “rooting android device.” 

The person who has a curiosity to customize their smartphone often looks for several ways to root Android without PC. If you are also planning to root your Android device then this guide will be very helpful to you. Through this article, I will be sharing top apps to root Android without using a PC. Well, before that, let me explain to you “What is Android Rooting” and what are its advantages.

Rooting an Android Device – Overview

We all know Android is an open-source operating system, it provides a lot more flexibility to its users than other operating systems like the famous Apple iOS, which is totally restricted but you can jailbreak it. Rooting an android device will give you full access to your device. In other words, you will have access to superuser permissions and you will be able to  

  • Install Custom ROMs 
  • Install Custom Kernels 
  • Increase/Decrease CPU power, and much more. 

A lot of users who don’t have a PC might be thinking how to root any android device without PC? Well, you shouldn’t worry much as we have compiled a list of the best rooting apps that do not require you to have a PC.  

root android without pc 2020
How to Root Android Without PC

Before moving towards the list of best apps to root android without pc, let us have a look at the features, pros, and cons of rooting an android device.  

You must be looking for some reasons to root android without PC, otherwise what is the point of doing it? Well, rooting an Android gives you a lot of features that you will really love to use. 

Pros of Rooting Android

1. Full Data Backups: One of the best features of a rooted android device is the ability to take full backups. Yes, you read it correctly. With root permissions, some applications like Titanium Pro, and Migrate allows you to take the backup of your device’s apps, app data, contacts, SMS, call logs and keyboard. 

Therefore, if you ever want to factory reset your device, you can easily flash the full android backup and continue using your device without going through the headache of installing and setting up the applications again. 

2. Install Incompatible apps: Some apps come with compatibility on a limited device. But a rooted android device can bypass those restrictions and you can easily install incompatible apps on your rooted device. 

3. Customize the CPU performance: Users with a rooted android device can alter the CPU performance according to their own requirements. You can either decrease the CPU performance which will enhance the battery life, or increase the CPU power consumption which will decrease battery life. We suggest you increase the CPU performance only if it is very important changing the CPU performance may damage your device. 

4. Remove Unwanted System apps: Every android device comes with a handful of preinstalled apps that are not very useful to us. A non-rooted device is not capable enough to remove a system app but a rooted android device can help you to get rid of the app forever.  

5. Block ads: Some operating systems like MIUI comes within built ads that are very annoying. Rooting your device gives you special permission to not only get rid of the OS ads but also the pop-ups, and other ads in apps installed in your device, and the websites you visit. You can use apps such as Lucky Patcher to make so many tweaks on any Android application.

6. Custom OS: This is the best thing about rooting an android device. Although, you can even install a custom ROM without rooting but root permissions and custom ROM together can boost the device performance to a great extent. You can also try any android version whether it is the Android Pie or Android 10 even if it not officially available for your device. 

Cons of Android Rooting

With so many amazing features, there are also some cons of rooting an Android device. Although these cons can be removed with some tweaks. 

1. Your warranty has been voided: Well, this is obvious, after rooting your device, its warranty will be voided. Therefore, you wouldn’t be able to claim a warranty at the service center after rooting your device. However, if the warranty of your device has already expired there is no need to worry. 

2. Your phone might get bricked: Lack of concentration and not following the instructions properly may leave your device unusable or brick your device. This happens only when you don’t pay attention to the tutorials or flash unnecessary modules. 

3. Performance issues: A lot of users start complaining about poor performance after rooting and installing a custom ROM. Well, it depends on the custom ROM you are installing and the number of customizations you have applied. Mostly, the device performance after rooting can be increased a lot. 

4. Virus and banking apps: A lot of users face the trouble of not being able to use banking apps such as Gpay, Paypal, Paytm in their devices after rooting it. You can easily hide root from the following apps using Magisk hide root feature. [/su_box]

With this being said, let us quickly jump to our process to use the best rooting apps so that you can root your android without a PC. The apps listed below may or may not work with your device and any damage that happens to your after using these apps is at your own risk. 

How to Root Android Without PC?

Rooting Android Without PC is not that much difficult with the best rooting apps. To root Android without PC with these apps, simply follow the basic steps as given below:

  • Download any of the listed application below and tap on it.
  • Now, click on the Install option and wait for a while to complete the installation process.
  • Once the application is installed, you may launch it by clicking Open option.
  • As they are one click tool to root Android, simply click on the Root button and wait for few seconds.

That’s all. So, this was how to Root Android without PC using the best rooting apps. Make sure to keep your charged enough while performing this task. Now, check out the best apps to root Android which are listed below.

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11 Best Apps to Root Android without PC

best rooting apps
Best Rooting Apps 2020

So, here we go through the list of 11 best rooting apps which makes your Android rooting process much easier. You can use another application instead if one of them doesn’t support your Android device.

#1. Kingo Root 

This is one of the best rooting apps and also one of the very first android apps that allowed users to root android without PC. With Kingo root, you can easily root your android device in a few taps. Make sure your device can be rooted before using this app.  

Kingo Root is the first choice of every Android user who is looking forward to root Android without PC. It supports a lot of android devices of various vendors and has no in-app purchases or subscriptions to unlock full features.  

#2. FramaRoot 

Framaroot is also one of the best rooting apps that can root and unroot an Android device in a few taps. It has been developed by a famous developer from XDA and has some more functionalities than Kingo Root. You don’t have to purchase any subscription or pro version to use Framaroot.  

The app doesn’t support Android versions lower than Android 4.0 and requires a good internet connection to perform the necessary functions. As said above, Framaroot has an inbuilt root function that can let you unroot your device in a few seconds. 

#3. King Root 

Not to be confused with Kingo Root, King root is another amazing app to root the android device. It has been downloaded by millions of Android users around the world who are still on android version4 or lower as the app supports only a limited android version.  

kingroot apk

Overall the app is good but it shows ads on the lock screen and may not be compatible with every Android device. 

#4. One-Click Root 

As the name suggests, one-click root app is the best rooting app to gain superuser permissions. This app can help you to root your android without pc. It has a simple and attractive user interface and even provides message and live support in case if you need any help regarding its functions. 

Overall the app is good, can root android without pc but requires an internet connection which may sound suspicious to some users and it also contains advertisements. Once click root may or may not work your android device if it doesn’t move towards the next app in our list of the best rooting apps. 

#5. Iroot app 

Iroot is another android rooting app that allows you to root android without pc. Even though the app has some really good features and provides quick root permissions, the advertisements and bloat wares might force you to bang your head in the wall.

iroot apk

Another thing you wouldn’t like is the language of this app. Everything is written in Chinese expect the “root now” button. But at least it can let you root android without pc, that is all we are looking for, right? 

#6. Root Master 

Probably one of the best apps to root android without PC, Root master catches the attention of android freaks with its mesmerizing user interface and user experience. It doesn’t show any intrusive ads or require any permission that might want you to raise your eyebrows.

There are no major bugs or anything suspicious about the app. You just have to click on start now button and root master will root android without PC. 

#7. Z4Root App 

Z4root is another android rooting app that allows you to root android without pc. The app is quite underrated and really deserves some recognition for its simple and amazing user interface and user experience.  

z4root apk

The apps allow you to temporarily root your device or, permanently root or unroot your android device in a few taps. The app was also available on Google Play Store some time back was taken down due to Google’s policy of not allowing rooting apps on play store. 

#8. TowelRoot 

For Android users who are looking for a one click android rooting app, TowelRoot is also a perfect choice among our list of best android rooting apps. The app is free to use and can root almost every device but may cause issues with Samsung and HTC devices.  

With just a few taps, Towelroot gives you superuser permissions but requires internet access which may raise some questions in your mind. 

#9. CF Auto Root 

CF auto root is the best app to root android without pc and also for Android users who have never rooted any android device with or without pc. The interface is pretty simple and the app works best with Samsung devices.  

cf auto root

Download CF auto root apk, install it and select your device from the list. Follow the further instructions to root Android device without pc. 

#10. Easy Rooting Toolkit 

The easy rooting toolkit is developed by DoomLord from XDA and pretty much does its job without any issues. Easy rooting tool kit doesn’t require a PC, therefore, rooting an android device without PC is possible with this app. 

#11. Baidu Root 

Baidu root app is also a famous app to root android without pc and it supports more than 6000 Android devices that can be rooted without a pc. 

The app is safe to use and has been developed by a Chinese company Baidu. You can download Baidu root to root your android device without the pc in a few taps. 

Wrap Up:

Rooting Android is a really fun process. You can either root your device manually if you have a pc or use any android rooting app from our list of the best rooting apps to root android without pc. All of these apps have their own pros and con but will provide you superuser permissions eventually. 

Make sure your device is rootable before using any of the rooting apps. The above listed rooting apps may or may not work on some devices due to compatibility issues or other issues. After you successfully root your device, its warranty will be voided. We suggest you to root your secondary Android devices only. 

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