The ABC’s medical drama The Good Doctor has focused mainly on Dr. Shaun Murphy and his struggle to maintain his relationship with Carly. In the last few episodes, we felt that they are finally getting together. However in the latest episode titled “Unsaid,” Shaun hoped that Carly would be fine with his friendship with Lea. But it seems that not everything is fine between them.

The latest episode titled “Autopsy” will air this coming Monday on 24 February. But you can get its spoilers here.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 15- Shaun Treats Boy Without Larynx

Dr. Shaun is introduced to his new patient, by Lim. His patient communicates in sign language as he has no larynx/trachea. The doctors feel that he is a contender for experimental surgery. Shaun and Morgan are confused with the non-verbal communication, and the latter is further surprised when Lim asks her to perform the surgery. However, when she makes an excuse, Shaun takes over the case.

Later at dinner, Shaun expresses his disappointment to Carly that his patient can’t talk and won’t be able to speak if surgery is not done. While Carly makes some suggestions he does some research.

He gets an idea of creating a fake larynx. While Morgan disapproves of the idea, Lim feels that she can do it. Even the boy’s mother says no to the surgery. But after the boy converses in sign language that he wants the surgery, the parents agree. The surgery happens to be successful and the kid too makes some noise.

The Good Doctor S03E15 Recap- “Unsaid” Written Update

The episode titled “Unsaid” did not have a happy ending to Shaun and Carly’s relationship. It began with Shaun making breakfast for Carly. He feels that it would help her in getting over her insecurities over Lea. He even gets late for the hospital as Carly wanted to have sex.

The next day, Carly shares an elevator with Lea and reassures her that she is not jealous of her. Later when Carly is having drinks with Shaun they see Lea kissing a guy across the room. Carly thins if Shaun would ever make out with her in public. They even try it but are interrupted by Lea. Soon all three and the random guy are just staring at each other. Then all of them do karaoke, where Carly leaves while Shaun and Lea continue to sing.

As she waits outside, she tells Shaun that they shouldn’t be together. She expresses her feelings saying she can feel something between him and Lea. And that he doesn’t love her, but Lea. Shaun is confused and refuses to accept but she insists and even suggests him to tell Lea about his feelings.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 16 Spoilers

Episode 16 of The Good Doctor is titled “Autopsy” and so be ready for some intense medical drama. According to the official synopsis released by ABC, Dr. Shaun will be obsessed with an autopsy. He is interested in performing an autopsy on Jane Doe’s patient. However, his decision of doing so won’t be in the best interest of Shaun and might jeopardize his relationship with other hospital staff.

But will he be able to control his obsession with the autopsy? Or he will go for it?

The Good Doctor S03E16 “Autopsy” Spoilers

The next spoiler alert is also related to Shaun only. Shaun will be making an emotional confession but it won’t have the expected result. The plotline is taking a dramatic turn with this confession by Shaun. On the other hand, a person with a mysteriously split personality will come to the hospital. Marcus, Morgan, and Claire will be attending this college student.

Wrapping Up

There are three different plotlines running in the upcoming episode. And it would be really interesting to know how they turn out to be. So tune in to ABC on 24 February at 10 PM.


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