ABC has given thumbs up to the renewal of one of his hit medical drama, The Good Doctor. The previous season of the show premiered in September 2019, which focused on Dr. Shaun Murphy an autistic surgeon, and the challenges that he faces in the hospital and at the individual level. After Season 3 of The Good Doctor which was all about Shaun and his dating life, the fans are excited to know about the upcoming season.

So what do you think Season 4 will be about? Here are some details that we know about this latest pickup on ABC.

The Good Doctor Season 4- ABC has Confirmed the News!

As the finale of Season 3 is nearing, then fans are anticipating its renewal. And there is some good news for them, as ABC has officially confirmed a Season 4 of The Good Doctor. Yes, it will be returning with some brand new episodes, and intense medical drama. This is one of the earliest renewals of 2020, and it’s not surprising as it is one of the most-watched shows.

The Good Doctor Season 4- When Will it Premiere?

Now it’s quite early to say that as there is no official announcement made about the premiere date. But if we follow the pattern of this scripted TV show, every season airs annually with a fall premiere and mid-season hiatus around December.

And then as the new calendar year begins, the show returns with its most fascinating and exciting finale episodes. So if we assume then Season 4 will likely premiere in late September 2020.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Spoilers- What Will Happen Next?

The Good Doctor Season 4 trailer or teaser is not yet released and so it will be difficult to say what is going to happen next.

Season 3 was full of professional as well as personal drama. And so we can expect the upcoming season will be exploring more of this through Shaun’s eyes. The storyline will follow the path where Shaun will be working on his social life, turning to be the man who is loved by all.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Cast- Who Will Return?

Will the entire cast of the last season return? We can’t say this with surety but looking at the success of the show with the current squad we feel that at least Freddie Highmore, Fiona Gubelmann, Antonia Thomas,  Will Yun Lee, Nicholas Gonzalez, Christina Chang, Richard Schiff, and Hill Harper will be returning in their respective roles.

But after all the dating drama, will Jasika Nicole and Paige Spara will return as Carly and Lea, is still under question. We will have to wait to know that.

Wrapping Up

There is time for the release of the next season, but till then you can catch up with the previous episodes. And stay tuned for more juicy updates.


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