Blockchain technology is considered a highly secure network for the digital financial market because it is impossible to steal any information from this decentralized network. Even the creation of cryptocurrency in the digital market was only possible with the help of blockchain. To start your trading career under experienced traders, you can check out and register at Bitcoin Revolution, and registration is free for their new users. In that same way, organizing the event in the blockchain is also quite effective.

There are a lot of events that both the corporate companies and private sector are implementing so far. Of course, they have different purposes for different levels of business. However, one thing all these events have in common, and in this case, is blockchain technology. The technology involved in these events is used to record the transaction and make it secure through blockchain, which can lead to better governance, whether at the national or international level.

Blockchain is a type of chain in which data is stored in small blocks in a decentralized manner. It is the fascinating reason most companies prefer storing their confidential information in blockchain networks.

1. ScienceSoft

The first is Sciencesoft which was established in 2018. It is a blockchain technology company and aims to offer goods, facilities, and solutions for the new age bank. They are also dedicated to offering customers innovative banking industry solutions. In addition, they are working to establish partnerships between themselves and other banks around the globe. This collaboration is aimed at developing innovations in the banking sector with the help of blockchain technology.

The company has also been working towards growing its customer base even as they’re moving ahead with their conjoined ventures with other banks in this field. So far, the significant achievement of this blockchain-based company is offering its technology platform to one of the most popular Indian banks known as Kotak Mahindra.

2. Ubitquity

The second one on this list is Ubitquity which has successfully implemented blockchain technology. They are working towards offering customers a decentralized solution in the financial sector.

The main objective of Ubitquity is to make the banking industry better. Therefore, it has been working towards providing enhanced facilities to its current and new customers in this industry.

They have already accomplished so far, providing advisory services during implementation and launching their shared platform for global banks and digital asset exchanges. They also work together with other banks around the globe.

3. Bankorus

In third place is bankers, a blockchain-based company that provides a solution for both the retail and wholesale banking market. The main objective of this blockchain-based company is to make the financial sector more efficient and suitable for customers. Also, they want to establish a network for the banking industry, which can lead to better national and international governance.

The significant achievement of this blockchain-based company so far includes providing banking services in Luxembourg and Poland. Furthermore, they are working towards implementing blockchain technology in creating innovative shared platforms to serve retail and wholesale banking markets. In that same manner, they are planning to implement blockchain technology to grow their customer base using their shared platform.

4. Waltonchain

There is another leading blockchain-based company known as Waltonchain. They are working towards providing customers with improved and faster services through industry-leading blockchain solutions. The things they have already accomplished include providing solutions in industries such as automobiles, electronics, etc. These services are offered to both the wholesale and retail banking markets.

Also, they are working towards creating a platform driven by blockchain technology. They are working towards developing the platform by providing the most sophisticated cryptographic solutions to many retailers. Their products include blockchain-as-a-service and other related solutions in this industry.

5. Ripple

The last on this list is Ripple which is working towards providing enhanced services to the retail banking market in the US and worldwide. They are increasing their customer base through establishing partnerships with financial institutions which already have their network for sending money to different countries around the globe.

They are also working towards creating partnerships and investments in this field. In addition, they are aiming to provide banking solutions in the South Asian market as well. Their services include cross-border payments, remittances, etc.

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