Ad revenue hints at the amount generated from in-app advertising. The revenue is calculated by multiplying impressions with eCPM. Mainly, app developers depend on various metrics to measure revenue, which includes ARPDAU, ARPPU, and ARPU. Alongside these pointers, app developers make use of reporting tools. These tools also help to differentiate between mobile ad revenue and rewarded video app devise.

However, the actual question here is -how to increase app ad revenue?

The average ad revenue from mobile apps varies on the type of app and ad, both. Increasing app ad revenue is essential for any business. If you are a business owner who wishes to make the most of their online marketing campaigns, you might want to know the sure-shot ways to increase your app ad revenue. If yes, continue reading ahead.

Approaches To Increase App Ad Revenue

At first, stop complaining and more importantly, stop considering that you are the only one who is at loss. This is because you are likely making some intricate mistakes.

For this reason, consider the following approaches to increase app ad revenue:

Include native ads

At first, gaze over at the type of ad you are using. If you have selected a format that is interfering and disrupting the content of the webpage, then users are likely to be annoyed instead of being intrigued. This might be the reason why you are not gaining solid revenue, and you might even lose traffic. For this reason, we suggest incorporating native ads, which match the form and function of the platform. Additionally, they are engaging and efficient. They blend with the content smoothly without disturbing visitors from their usual scrolling and activity. Trust us – once you include it, you will observe no increased revenue in no time.

Pick out an accurate ad partner

Next, look at your ad partner. Are you happy with its services? Does your partner stand on the essential elements? if you are looking for an ad partner that can totally satisfy your needs, look for the following features:

User interface:

User experience is an essential component. Thus, work on improving the user interface to enhance the user experience. The better the user experience, the more will be the revenue generation.

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Performance Measurements

You are recommended to consider eCPM when you are looking for a suitable ad network. However, this measurement is impacted by several variables.

Adjust the size and placement of ad space

Whenever your revenue is decreasing, take a look at your digital ads. There is a possibility that your ad is too big for your kind of ad. Or your ad might be not in the right place which is why users tend to ignore them. For this reason, you are should try to find the right place between size and placement. As a result, your ad won’t cause any disturbance while being fully visible.

Applicable to users

If you have selected the right size and placement of your ad, you need to ensure an accurate context. When your app is designed for men’s stuff, then there is no point to feature ads with makeup products. Obviously, they might buy sometimes in a moment, but the chances are less likely.

Additionally, if you wish to boost app ad revenue, include relevant content related to app users. With the inclusion of accurate context, user experience is also enhanced.

Include valuable ads for your user base

The trick to attract users and make them involved in your ad is to engage them with promotional content. For instance, at times, playable ads are included that offer a real-time experience.

Digital Marketing

Other than the above-mentioned ways, digital marketing is also used to increases app ad revenue. However, digital marketing itself includes several ways to increase app ad revenue. One such feature is social media marketing.

Social media fuels growth through shares and recommendations and offers a strong digital presence. It gives users a chance to communicate smoothly and offer perks to visitors who invite their friends/acquaintances. Additionally, it plays a significant role and grows the user base. As a result, huge ad app revenue is generated.

Set up Cross-promotion

Cross-promotion is a technique to promote one of your apps within another app already owned by you. If you previously acquire an established app with users, there is no harm in taking advantage of it. Increase the revenue through your already present user base.

In-app advertising is a medium that has grown continually in the past few years. It provides a better consumer experience than display advertising. They are scaled to fit the screen, which looks better. In turn, it improves the overall engagement of a user. As a result, it increases revenue.

However, there are several ways to increase revenue through app advertising. The approaches are listed above, where digital marketing plays a significant role in increasing revenue in a considerable amount. Make use of these approaches and see your revenue spike!


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