Virtual Reality (VR) has transformed the dynamics of an online entertainment industry a great deal. Through VR, different online streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO Max, etc. have been offering smarter content to its users for years as per, a website focused on online streaming in particular.

Continue reading this post to discover numerous benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) that are providing more business opportunities to the entertainment industry than ever before.

Netflix and other streaming platforms have adopted the concept of VR (Virtual Reality)

Netflix is rightly considered as the streaming leader because the service keeps innovative itself in order to hold an edge over its competitors. As expected, Netflix was probably the first video on demand streaming platform to follow the core concepts of VR (Virtual Reality) in reality.

The popular US-based streaming service launched its 360-degree app in 2015 that enables viewers to watch a multitude of top-notch TV shows, documentaries and movies by stepping into a virtual room through a Gear VR.

As far as other online streaming services are concerned, they are also applying the main notions of VR (virtual reality) successfully. For instance, Hulu, another famous US-based video on demand platform has followed the footsteps of Netflix by introducing its dedicated VR based 360-degree app for VR headset.

Surprisingly, Disney Plus, another online streaming hub has not created a dedicated app for any VR headset but you can keep your fingers crossed as the service can launch a native app for VR headsets in the future.

Online games have become interactive thanks to Virtual Reality (VR)

We have been playing different video games like CounterStrike, Super Mario World, Lemmings, Street Fighter, Quake, Final Fantasy VII, etc. for more than three decades.

That said, you would have realized while playing such games that one element i.e. interaction was missing in all these video games. Thanks to VR (Virtual Reality), this is no longer the case.

This is because gamers can now play numerous VR based video games online on a wide range of devices without any hassle.If we say VR has certainly added new dimensions to the online video gaming industry, we are right to a certain extent.

In addition to this, gamers can witness an enhanced level of interaction, impressive visuals, and other features when playing their favorite video games online.

Interestingly, gamers have unlimited options when it comes to playing VR based video games online. Furthermore, they can play a variety of VR based racing games, casino games, shooter games, adventure games, etc. depending on their choice.

VR based theatres are helpful in creating virtual cinematic experience

Compared to traditional movie theatres, VR based theatres arouse the streaming fun of cinema goers to a new plane. This is one of the major reasons why traditional cinemas have started facing issues like loss in revenue as movie lovers no longer want to visit traditional cinemas to watch their favorite movies.

That said, the good news for movie fans is the prominent cinema theatres have decided to focus on virtual reality to pull the attention of existing and new movie fans across the globe.

Different cinema theatres including Cinemark have started taking initiatives to offer their customers a virtual environment where they can watch movies using VR headsets alongside their loved ones.

By doing so, they can enjoy watching the entire movie show in the virtual world in a completely different manner. From cinemagoers’ point of view, it is definitely a win-win situation because they can see their favorite stars playing different roles in front of their eyes.

The best thing about this whole scenario is the affordability and unmatched streaming experience because they can watch numerous movies without breaking their bank.

Similarly, cinema theatres are also on the winning side because they can expect to earn a handsome amount of money in the future once they transform their conventional theatres into VR (Virtual Reality) based movie theatres.

There is a strong likelihood that they will reap rewards in the form of considerable growth revenue-wise in the next few years.

Wrapping Things Up

Virtual Reality (VR) will continue to dominate the landscape of an online entertainment industry in the future. Frankly speaking, the advantages of VR (Virtual Reality) are numerous.

If we talk about the online gamers specifically, they can experience next level graphics and visuals while playing different video games. Furthermore, cinemagoers can enjoy an unbelievable virtual cinematic experience by watching their favorite movies in virtual rooms as per their preferences.

In a nutshell, Virtual Reality (VR) is a modern concept that will bring lots of innovation in the entertainment industry on a global level. We can witness some breathtaking visuals, locations, and graphics in the coming years that will surely revolutionize the streaming experience of viewers to a great effect.

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