Cryptocurrencies were started with the concept of bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of the topmost cryptocurrencies till now, and even there are major proportions of the people who have invested and even who are investing in bitcoin. Bitcoin was initiated by the anonymous identity as no one has any information about the owner, but he has been named Satoshi Nakamoto.

As we know, cryptocurrencies are one of the trending platforms where a user can earn money very easily. Each and every news item plays a very important role in controlling the price of bitcoin as it is very famous nowadays and is being used by many people. Hence, the bitcoin price is very variable as the market is very volatile, and because of this, there are lots of people who are earning money.

Statement of the US mayor On Bitcoin

The mayor of the US has tweeted that the price of bitcoin will rise till the dollars are getting printed. He has also mentioned that bitcoin could be the present, but it is going to the future, and there will be almost all the users who might be engaged with this platform to earn money very easily. So even the mayor has decided to see how the city can be able to accept the money taxes in the form of bitcoins.

As we know, the US is one of the most developed countries, and it is accepting cryptocurrency as a different model. It will definitely lead to the development and the digitalization of the country. As the US is the most developed country, it clearly knows how to control all the measures so as to live in the future. Even after the statement given by the mayor, the price of bitcoin has risen by a few dollars, and even it is stable for a few days.

The price of bitcoin is rising continuously, which is considered the future of the whole world. According to the increase in the number of Bitcoin users, in the future, there will be very few people who would be using the local currency, and almost all the people would be using the crypto platform to earn money.

Why are countries accepting cryptocurrencies?

According to the news, there are lots of companies that are accepting cryptocurrency in various different modes. There are lots of assumptions behind this reason.

  • The reason may be that they want to increase the awareness among its users about digitalization and development. As digitalization will lead to an increase in the awareness among the people as the users will engage with the digital platform, they will obviously be getting aware.
  • The other assumption is that there will be a ban on cryptocurrencies in their countries after accepting the crypto platform. Then they will make their own cryptocurrency which will further lead to an increase in the country’s economy as the major portion of it will be with the country. And even there will be the mining processes that the people of the same country could easily do, which will lead to the increase in the jobs of the people.
  • The other reason may be that there are many developing countries where 60 percent of the population still does not know about cryptocurrency platforms or digitalization. The legalization of cryptocurrency will definitely lead to an increase in awareness among the people. Even the people will be able to lead to the issues of the country so that they can be a part of the awareness programs.


Here, in the end, we can conclude that there are lots of people who are getting engaged with this platform, and even there are many countries too that are promoting cryptocurrencies as the mode of payments. There are a huge number of people who like this software. Even there are many big personalities too who ask the people by tweeting that they should start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Even there are other sectors of the society too which are accepting the cryptocurrencies as the mode of payment like gambling, crypto games, sports, etc. and some of them are like the health sector where they are using the blockchain technology of the bitcoin.

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