Cryptocurrency is getting into the trend in today’s era as people have understood that this is the best source of earning money. As bitcoin allows its users to earn money in a very short period along with that, it allows its users’ transaction security and transaction privacy. Security allows its users to not get hacked by the users, and privacy helps users make their transactions private.

Even now, most people are getting engaged in cryptocurrency daily. According to the recent statistics, millions of the users were active on the bitcoin platform and were making their transactions at the same time. Thus, even millions of users have joined the crypto platform in a single day. This is the report which is obtained from the bitcoin blockchain. It is one of the big achievements for the QProfit System. So, one should start investing.

What did Robert Kiyosaki say about bitcoin?

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of one of the most famous books, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad.’ The book is one of the best and highest selling books till now, and it has a fabulous point mentioned in the book. The author of this book said that the good dollar is falling with the prices, and the price of silver is 50 percent down compared to its original prices. Whereas, in the case of bitcoin, the price is booming.

He was waiting for the bitcoin price to fall to 24000$, but the market just raised up from the price of 28000$ to around 50000$. So it is the biggest boom in the price as the price has been recovered in a very short period. So this is one of the best platforms to earn money as it allows its users to earn money very easily. Even this market crash because of China is an example of the huge price recovery.

There are lots of benefits to using the cryptocurrency platform to earn money. Here further, we will discuss all the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency. As such a big author is considering investing in cryptocurrency, there might be something that’s why all the people are investing in cryptocurrency.

What are the reasons behind investing in cryptocurrencies?

There are many reasons behind investing in cryptocurrencies, as this is one of the finest methods of investing money.

  • It gives its users huge money in a short period as the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, and the prices of bitcoin go up and down very easily in a short period. So the person who has experience in cryptocurrency can easily earn money from this platform.
  • As the whole system of the bitcoin is completely encrypted with cryptography, the whole system of the bitcoin is very secure, and no one can hack the user’s account and even cannot make any scam or fraud with the transactions of the users.
  • All the users’ transactions are completely private as there are lots of users who go for transaction privacy so that no one cannot locate the transactions. In addition, there are many people like the players, sponsors of the matches and many others.
  • Even the bitcoin platform can be used in international transactions as the cryptocurrency platform is the universal and decentralized platform; that is, it does not come under any jurisdiction or the rules and regulations of any country. So this is the best platform.
  • It charges very few transaction charges from its users, and it also takes very little time for the transaction to occur. It is also one of the major merits of using the crypto platform.


Here we have discussed Rich Dad Poor Dad; he is one of the most famous people because of his book. He had stated the cryptocurrency that it is one of the finest platforms booming at very high speeds; this is the biggest advantage of using it. So, most of the users should start investing in it.

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