The impression of Vivo Y20 among global consumers is a success as it is one of the low-cost smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 460 chipset. However, despite selling the latest smartphone within reach of local consumers, they made the design of the Y20 realistic and straightforward.

Just simply attractive enough to make the passing by turn their heads to take another glance. In this article, we will disclose all the reasons that made Vivo Y20 successful with its associating faults.

All The Good Reasons To Buy Vivo Y20 For:

The Vivo y20 price in Pakistan is “27,000” PKR. Since the competition is getting more challenging by the day, each competes to get ahead of the rest by launching new inventions with more modified features and specs at a competitively budget-friendly price.

Vivo has launched Y20 with the following estimable features and specs.

Design Justifies Its Price:

The design of the smartphone is very appealing. The edges of the invention have a smooth curve. Despite being an all-plastic handset Vivo Y20 accompanied by the slimness of the smartphone, enhances the hand feel.

The most beautiful thing about its design is the vibrant iridescent finish on the back. In addition, its resistance to scratch from swiping, typing, and even from the keys if you leave the smartphone and car keys in the same pocket is limited. Meaning you could expect to notice minimal scratches while committing not-so-minimal mistakes.

Entry-level HD Screen:

Vivo could have offered a full HD+ display in this price range, but we get an HD resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels. Nevertheless, the video streaming experience is decent, and light shadow may disturb your streaming or regular usage if you use a smartphone during daylight.

Well-Performing Battery And Sensors:

Vivo Y20 has a solid 5000mAh battery and a 10W, unfortunately, not-fast charging charger. As a result, this phone is ideal for everyday usage. Its battery life can last up to a day of active use, for example, streaming educational content, research, note-taking, etc.

While the battery and its draining period may be impressive, the 10W charger is a significant headache. The not-supporting fast charging charger takes up to three hours to charge the mobile’s battery, drained from 0% to 100%. Vivo Y20 has a built-in side fingerprint sensor that impresses its users the first time they hold the handset.

The side sensors first add to the convenience of unlocking the handset right when you hold it, and second lightning speed of the sensors gives the user complete freedom to capture any beautiful moments on the go!

Captivating Image Quality:

It has a 13MP primary rear camera with two 2MP, one for back rear portrait shoots and the other for macro nodes and backup cameras. So yes, the Vivo Y20 does not have an ultra-wide camera installed. Instead, its macro camera gives a gorgeously clear image that resembles a combination of rear and portrait camera shots.

Vivo Y20 gives precise and satisfying results for an 8MP selfie camera. Records 1080p quality videos at 30fps. The camera quality is one of the most attractive highlights that makes it value for money. You get undisturbed images whether the photos are clicked indoors or in broad daylight.

Disappointing Processor For Gaming:

With Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 chipset processor, you will never notice any signs of phone overheating during active daily usage. But this processor is simply insufficient for any moderate to heavy games.

Final Verdict:

Vivo Y20 is one of the mainstream affordable smartphones. It has a sufficient processor and enough memory, works for a long time, and looks good. There may be a few things here, but the Vivo mobile impactful design and cameras will make the most lasting impression.

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